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We will also transport members to Coopers Hospital to perform community service activities with the child cancer patients. Hwadlines is their opportunity to give back to the community and to learn about volunteer service. Lastly, as part of career exploration activities, transport club members to Gloucester County Rowan Community College, Rowan and Rutgers University open house events so that club members can get excited about pursuing a college degree. All of these field trips provides opportunities for these kids that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. Financial education is the gateway to lifelong financial literacy. Funding will provide comprehensive financial education to twenty to thirty Gloucester County residents through two workshops.

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This will benefit residents by helping them understand the financial realities of healthcare as well as steps to take for general financial wellness. This grant would fill the need for gas and food for approximately five local families twice this year. This will certainly lift some of the burden on our families during this fight of their lives. Family needs are determined not only at intake, but on an ongoing basis, in case their situation has changed. Your funding will cover about 6 weeks of produce purchases! Last year,we served 3, families which included 2, children, 4, adults and 1, seniors.

We believe that by providing fresh produce we are helping to encourage our clients to eat healthy and make wise decisions about the food they purchase with their own funds or SNAP benefits. This does not meet the actual demand from each of these facilities nor does it touch the many other Cancer Centers in our service area. The following is a partial list of the types of recommended specialized products, purchased items at discounted bulk rates. Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment 3. Among exciting activities such as ball play, hula hoops, dancing, obstacle courses, etc. Currently we have 24 students enrolled who attend on site at Country Acres Private Preschool, and 5 outreach students who receive service delivery in their homes.

History[ edit ] Stroud is known for its involvement in the Industrial Revolution. Particularly noteworthy was the production of military uniforms in the colour Stroudwater Scarlet. Restoration of these canals as a leisure facility by a partnership of Stroud District Council and the Cotswold Canals Trust is well under way [8] with a multimillion-pound Lottery grant. High Street, the main shopping street Though there is much evidence of early historic settlement and transport, Stroud parish was originally part of Bisleyand only began to emerge as a distinct unit in the 13th century, taking its name from the marshy ground at the confluence of the Slad Brook and the River Frome called "La Strode", and was first recorded in The church was built byand it was assigned parochial rights by the rectors of Bisley inoften cited as the date of Stroud's foundation.

Russell was an important politician: This Act, also known as the Second Reform Act, gave the vote to every urban male householder, not just those of considerable means. This increased the electorate by 1. Demography[ edit ] At the UK censusStroud civil parish had a total population of 12, Ethnically, the population is predominantly white Of these, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh accounted for people. Chinese and Arab people accounted for people.

The are two definitions headlnies the town of Stroud. Character and amenities[ edit ] Stroud has a significant artistic community that dates back to the early fro century. A new committee took over in early and now daating the festival on August Bank Holiday each year. The festival has been expanded to cover art and literature, as well as a diverse range of unsigned[ clarification needed ] bands. With a number of outdoor stages, and the majority of the venues in town taking part, over performers can be seen free of charge over the course of the weekend.

The town also hosts an annual series of lectures and exhibitions on contemporary textiles and textile culture called SELECT, run by Stroud International Textiles, [24] the UK's only festival to celebrate the diverse culture of textiles.

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Gloucestdr Trust has produced a DVD, Rivers of Cloth, using archive film and interviews which was due to be released in early and a photographic survey of surviving woollen mills was undertaken for a book, Wool and Water, published in The town centre has seen two controversial developments: There is also a small theatre, the Cotswold Playhouse, which is home to the amateur Cotswold Players; it occasionally hosts visiting professional companies. From the midth century onwards it housed the three mills of Daniel Chance: It was acquired in by John Apperley, whose family used the site for wool- and cloth-making for the next years.

In an industrial accident killed a young worker. Campaigns[ edit ] Stroud citizens have a history of protest going back to the Stroudwater Riots of

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