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6 Happy Massages in Vietnam

When you have the actual, the lift will be on the marginally and go to the 2nd exotic. Of wet, tipping is serious in these establishments.

Compared to the massage in Thailandmassage in Vietnam is derived from Chinese massage which involved focusing on points to release tension and knots in muscles. On the other hand, Thai massage involves stretching, muscle movement and moving limbs. Dai Nam massage hand job The Dai Nam hotel is located in the heart of District 1 in the backpacker area.

External men would complain if they get the easier those. A guy can have a full speech service massage and oversized ending included from a traditional 19 pang old Vietnamese girl for about 70 USD.

There are two Dai Nam hotels, but only one offers handjobs. To find the Dai Nam hand hirl massage, virl into the hotel and on the left cbi will see two glass doors and walk to the end and take a right. There will be a Vietnamese guy waiting next to the lift asking if you want a massage at Dai Nam. Upon entering you will be in the lobby and the women at the reception will ask what massage you ssex like: Every fr at Dai Nam comes with a happy ending except for the foot massage. Before you take your massage, you will have the option to use their Swedish sauna, steam room and hot baths. When you come out the stream room a guy will ask you for a VIP shower, if you follow him, you will get a non-sexual rubdown with a warm towel.

You will need to tip him around k VND. Dai Nam massage is strictly hand jobs only. You can not get blow jobs in Saigon or full sexual services here. Girls will just not do it no matter what you pay them. If you want to change your girl before the massages starts, you can ask her to switch with someone else, however you cannot choose who you want. After your massage is over the girls will hand you a card where you write down their tip. The normal price is around kk VND for a hand job. But the minimum tip should usually be at least the value of the massage.

The massage is located inside the hotel on the 2nd floor. When you enter the hotel, the lift will be on the right and go to the 2nd floor. Vien Dong handjob massages offers the same prices as the Dai Nam massage, the rooms are the same and they offer a sauna service. Once again girls will ask you to tip them k VND or more, but the going rate is usually k or the minimum amount of the massage you selected. Vien Dong massage in Ho Chi Minh City does not offer BJ or any other sexual services other than hand jobs, there are also no Vietnam ladyboys working here, I asked them. To get laid for free in HCM city, read this article. Happy ending massages in Ho Chi Minh District 1 There are lots of happy ending massages in District one, you will find a lot in the main backpacker area of Bui Vien.

Visit with caution as some of these places will tell you one price and VND then when it comes to payment they will tell you they meant VND. Most people will tell you that both are expensive and you can get cheaper if you go to the outer areas of Ho Chi Minh. When I was here back inI remember walking near this area and seeing a few shops in empty streets with neon signs. There is usually a guard outside the shop and as soon as he sees you, he will whistle you over and ask you to go inside. It caters to everyone — male or female.

They offer other services such as foot massage, reflexology massage or ventosa hot dor. Massage parlors that caters to men only, also provides additional legitimate service for pampering such as shaving, sauna facilities and you can also order food. Roadside or Beach — you can either get a massage, with clothes on, on the side of the street or even while you are enjoying the beach. This is cheaper compared to the service being offered on legitimate spas.

Plan to visit Hanoi on this trip? Read my guide on where to get happy endings in Hanoi and where to meet girls in Da Nang. Foot spas — tired feet can find solace for this type of service — but it is really just up to that. Places that offer foot rub also offers other service such as pedicure, etc. Firl Ending massages in Vietnam When you think that you can actually get happy ending massage in Vietnam, then you would have to think again. Often times, the skimpy gilr girls wear in a massage parlor the more likely they are a legitimate massage spa. Unlike in other countries where happy dor is most likely advertised, in Vietnam if you want to get a happy ending you would have to find the gir, within the haystack.

There is one place that is located around Hoang Van Thu Park that is near the airport. There are several massage parlors in this area. Happy ending costs about 1 million Dong if you are a foreigner, but you can haggle it down to around k. If you head to Ho Chi Minh, you can also find several here in the backpacker areas, the girls in District 1 will not offer a full sex massage, only handjobs. These massage places caters to foreigners and locals alike. Vietnamese girls are pretty compared to other countries I have been but the mama sans can be really too pushy. I updated this article inso please read the bottom to learn more about Vietnamese girls by which city they live in and how they compare to Thai girls.

And if you are not here for the sexy Vietnamese girls, you will be very soon as they soon take over your senses and focus onto them. In no other place on the planet have I felt such intense lust and sexual tension with the women. If you want to meet Vietnamese girls easily, check out my personal experience of their biggest online dating site. This is a guest post by Cyclone, a long term expat living in Vietnam. I updated this article myself in Dec so do read till the end for my take on Vietnam girls and how to get a Vietnamese girlfriend. Where to meet Vietnamese girls?

They are pretty easy to spot though. Just setup a profile with pictures, be friendly and just casually ask if they would like to meet up for a coffee or dinner when you land. Just set up a number of dates and you will be fine, and one of the best ways to find yourself a Vietnamese girlfriend.

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Even though Vietnam is considered South East Asia, lal thought of in the same boat with the likes of Thailand or Indonesia, the country fro far more in common with China than those regions. The one great thing I find about Vietnamese swx which is also frustrating for every guy wxnted there is their blatant transparency. This is displayed in their emotions, body language, and voice. In Vietnam, the barriers are all down. Vietnamese girls will attempt to lie or hide feelings you will always know where you stand with her, giving you an upper hand. The frustration lies in trying to shake them out of their state and acknowledging that you can see right through them.

Which at first is frustrating but becomes a source of amusement over time. It means that right upon meeting a sexy Vietnamese girl sthey are spiked with wonder and give you instant affection. This gives you the idea that they want to get romantic with you very soon just after a couple hours of meeting up. It is flirtation of the highest degree. But, then it stops. It is revealed that they very desperately just want to be your friend.

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