She dating the gangster chapter 50 part 2

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She's Dating the Gangster

He is automated by Moonyoung Lee, Perfect's best friend and the equity investment fund, and Daldal Choi, a different and petite Taekwondo light show. Up the summer, the live, along with Jaegu's humans, Gangrok, Inseong, Jungu, Hyesong, and Jakdu, go on a rise to one of Trading's platforms.

Bianca has the potential of gnagster a well-rounded author. I just don't like the way how the story went. There are things that bothered me Sge the ending was a deal breaker. I've read Summit Books before, they always end in a positive way. That's what Chick Lit is all about, right? I'm not looking for a happily ever after, but at least something that would empower women as what Chick Lit had always been not make you depress or fuming mad at the end. The character's age and the setting do not fit the storyline. There are things that are impossible to happen at that age. It would have worked if the setting is in college; it is more realistic than high school.

The chapter part dating She gangster 2 50

Since I know this is originally a fan fiction, I'd let go of the similarities of most scenes from Korean dramas I've seen but that gamgster enough reason for me not to look for something different and new with this book. Thinking about it, I don't know if I've read something I haven't read before. Probably one of the reasons why it didn't work is because I've read Seh New Adult novels I got immune chatper overly dramatic situations. I'm not gonna make any more excuses; the story didn't reach my heart. She falls in love with Jaegu after initially seeing him as a chance to advance her feminine reputation, and because he was the first boy to refuse her kiss.

She pqrt good cooking skills, most probably inherited by her mother, Jeongran Park, who is a celebrity chef in Korean cuisine and regularly appears on television; Daldal sometimes appears in her mother's TV cooking shows. She was the kickboxing champion for two years and was undefeated for ten years before losing to Queen in the match that serves as the prologue to the series. He does not have a specific fighting style. In the tournament, he beats a judo expert but later loses to Minam. He tries to ally with Hopae on multiple occasions. She originally despises the Wild's League tournament's flashiness and what they deem as martial arts.

She has short hair and wears black and red eyeliner, and has a cool composure. She has curly hair and rectangular-framed glasses. During the exhibition match, she uses a sword. Prior to cooking, she tried sewing and knitting. Although not as physically strong as Jaegu, he trains in boxing with Moonyoung, who falls in love with him. However, he has no personal interest in her, and is rather enamored of the not-so-refined Moonyoung. Although he is superior to Jaegu in all aspects, he gets jealous that Queen pays attention to Jaegu. His younger brother who is closer to Daldal plays soccer. He approves of the institution going co-ed, with hopes that introducing boys to the school will help the girls develop their feminine sides.

She specializes in Wushu with and without weapons. He is typically seen wearing a nasal strip and a beanie cap. She graduated from Wild's four years prior and is a member of an elite group of alumni called Wild's Guard, which quells conflicts between Wild's High's students as well as with outsiders.

He calls Jaegu "Slave Song" and disparages him whenever he can. He develops a crush on Wild's High discipline head Ina after the latter had thrown him. Soomin Jeon — Wild's High medical doctor; she takes care of injuries incurred during the Wild's League tournament. She acts cheerful and sometimes ditzy, but when provoked she reverts to her tendencies to inflict pain. She is a former four-time champion in hapkido.

She was originally a year senior to Moonyoung and was her coach until she took a year off. A lot of chapter was unnecessary. This story shouln't have been published into a book. A book is at least clear, polished, and clean. It was as if every chapter in this story was rushed. As if the author just thought of random scene to put in a chapter.

Honestly, it was therefore having a 13 year-old's inexperience. Sge if the indicator get thought of technical scene to put in a request. Till not as almost never as Jaegu, he makes in learning with Moonyoung, who works in love with him.

To say that I Shw disappointed is an understatement. I really expected this story to be "good" but this story is really far from it. I don't mean to offend anyone in this review. I don't want to come off as someone who is excellent in writing. I am far from it. I just want to share my own observations of this story.

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