Hook up subwoofer to tv

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Connecting a wireless subwoofer (optional)

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Up tv to Hook subwoofer

Method 2 of 3: Connecting Subwofer Subwoofer to TV via Converter There are some cases where a subwoofer and TV signals can be connected to each other, but unfortunately, subwoifer port type is different between them. To overcome this issue, all you need is a converter. What the converter will do is to transform one signal such as, digital coax, into another signal, such as HDMI. Here are the steps- Step 1: Connect the digital coax output to the cable in the tv. Connect the digital coax cable to the digital coax input cable of the converter. Step 5: All done. Check the connections and enjoy.

Method 3: FINd that out. Proper Subwoofer Placement Because subwoofers solely focus on low bass tones, adding richness and depth to music or television soundtracks, their placement within the room matters. By considering the acoustics of a particular space as well as the best way to optimize bass, users can achieve the best sound experience possible. This is, in a way, the first step to properly connecting a subwoofer since it ensures maximum performance.

Here are the crowds- Step 1: Annually, you'll find to trading about where you'll keep the subwoofer.

Although many people choose Hkok place a subwoofer in an out-of-the-way location, such as the tg of the room, that is rarely the ideal location. This type of placement may enhance the bass sound, but the quality of sound it produces is not the same. Rather, the best way to place a subwoofer by following the "rule of thirds. Connecting the Subwoofer Directly to a Television Once placement is set, connecting a subwoofer directly to a television is simple.

Find the audio output jack on the television, and make sure that the subwoofer has a matching outlet. Otherwise, users need to purchase a converter capable of translating one signal, such as digital coax, to another, such as HDMI. The cable should connect the TV's audio output directly to the subwoofer. From there, most subwoofers allow users to branch out with other speakers.

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