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Jake and Elle found out MKR result with the rest of us

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All follow a sudden death cook-off format where teams produce a three-course meal for the main judges and for the four guest judges. Teams' meals are scored out of ten by the judges and the lower scoring team is eliminated. Semifinals[ edit ] Prior to the grand final round, four remaining teams compete in a semifinal round. Teams going head-to-head in this round is determined variously in different seasons. In the season, there were four knives on a table, two of which had Semifinal 1 on their labels, and the other two had Semifinal 2 on their blades.

The labels were covered, leaving the knife handles visible. Each team was asked to select a knife. Teams which picked Semifinal 1 knives competed in the first semifinal, while teams which chose Semifinal 2 contested the second semifinal. In the season, teams competed in a seeding round. Teams competed in two challenges, and their dishes on each challenge were scored out of ten by the judges.

The datinh scoring team 1 of the seeding round cooked against the lowest scoring team 4 in the first semifinal, while 2 and 3 teams competed in the second semifinal. In the and season, the final four teams were divided into two semifinal match-ups based on their rankings kitchrn the Final 5 round. As in1 cooked against 4, and 2 cooked against 3. Grand final[ edit ] Sating of each semifinal go straight through the grand final round, the last stage of kitchwn competition. Each dqting meal is scored and the higher scoring team is declared My Kitchen Rules kjtchen. Despite loving everything gold and Bollywood, they can't stand vegetables and too much food, which should make for interesting dishes.

We have Mick and Matt, the Tasmanian father and son team, who just come off as really nice blokes that haven't read much off a menu beyond fish and chips. There are West Australian dating hipsters Josh and Andi, who are "chalk and cheese" in nature and secretly out to get everyone with their fence-sitting opinions, according to Jake. While Lisa, of the South Australian dating duo with Italian Stefano, is also clearly in Jake's cat-like sights having earlier been called "moll", it was her limited-speaking boyfriend who provided most of the entertainment at the table because of his love of "goat", rather than the cheese they were eating. Competing first were Victorian "high-school sweethearts" Kerrie and Craig, whose 50s physiques were cringingly introduced on the back of a scooter to a Leader of the Pack soundtrack.

There was no sign of the scooter when they later had to shop at the Queen Victoria Market for wallaby. Our view While French judge Manu Feildel made Jessie and Biswah openly swoon don't get too excited Manu, Stefano produced equally adoring commentary from the dress-up dollsthe show did little to win me over.

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The reality TV star kept her makeup simple, wearing her tules locks straight over her shoulders Happy to be there: Amy looked in high spirits, a far cry from her villain persona on MKR Gal time! She chatted animatedly to a blonde female who was also accompanying the group xating both women all smiles The MKR group huddled happily together on the Brisbane street, with Amy unable to hide her smile as she caught up with the other boys. After mingling together, the contestants made their way along the street, with Amy pressing the traffic crossing button. She chatted animatedly to a blonde female who was also accompanying the group, with both women all smiles. The My Kitchen Rules boys appeared to have plenty to catch up on as they waited to cross a Brisbane road Heading out: Someone who makes him happy and is good to him is all I could want for him.

I want a good one!

I hang out with Henry all the time, so I better like her. Lawrence Furzey Henry, what is your type? Just someone who can really be themselves and that comes in all sorts of forms.

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