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15 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Albania

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We are all very excited to get this adventure under way. I will admit that my packing skills are not up to ninja status! Packing was not fun at all! With all the luggage restrictions it was extremely hard to pack everything I wanted. I had to do some serious prioritizing. Hopefully I remembered all the essentials! Our flight departs at 5: If you google our flight number you can track the flight! Gjirpkaster sure to follow me on twitter, I will be posting a lot on there. I was so excited this morning that I poswibly to frienxhip breakfast, hopefully we will stop soon!

Posted on Junior Year: A Closed Chapter Junior year was definitely an interesting year for me! I met ppossibly many great people, and learned so much about myself in the process. Then come January, I never gjiroiaster to love the courses that I was taking…. So, a note to all incoming freshman, or just any students in general…. Work hard in your curriculum, do your assignments, and do them on time. Suspending a route between say Ohrid and Gjirokastra during the winter? In fact, grounds for giving even the most relaxed traveler a panic attack.

Catastrophic, even. Thankfully an English-speaking Albanian in shiny high tops saved my day by pulling me into a taxi with the 3 other stranded passengers and we made it just in time at a slightly higher price. Even though I heard improvements were being made, many of the ones I saw were in seriously bad condition and not anything you should be going over 40 mph on or navigating after dark. On a site already in use in the last two centuries BC, a complex of rooms arranged around a courtyard was built in the 2nd century AD. They were hot rooms of a Roman bath complex.

This building opened onto an open area to the west, a large square in front of the theatre, possibly a porticus post scaenam. Thick destruction and spoliation levels mark the later phases. Onto these levels new buildings were constructed. In particular, at the turn of the 6th century, a large public building, perhaps a churchwas placed in the open area in front of the theatre and the older adjacent baths underwent radical changes. This suggests a reorganization of the urban centre. Later destruction and abandonment levels seal this brief moment in the life of the site, on top of which are to be found merely rural walls, perishable structures, and other transitory signs of life, all dating around the 7th century.

Zekate House: They all follow a basic layout: Embrasures are set in the walls to help defend against attacking enemies.

The views of the town and giirokaster river valley below are spectacular. There are three floors; the ground floor contains storage rooms, a high ceiling kitchen and the cistern. There is possibly central staircase which winds upwards through the building. The first floor has two rooms that were used as living quarters for branches of the family, while the third floor has a grand reception room and two other smaller rooms. The posisbly room is very typical of the grandest of these dwellings with frescoed walls, a carved ceiling and an ornate fireplace. This level would have been shared by the whole family. At the center of floor at the top of the staircase there is a wooden balcony overlooking the town.

This has a raised section on which the head of the family would sit, meet his guests and watch what went on in the city below. A leaflet giving further details on the Zekate house is available at the Tourist Information Center. Sunday services are from Visitors are welcome. Tours or visits outside of regular hours can be arranged through the Tourist Information Center. Situated in the Old Bazaar district the basilica was built in The design is typical of the Orthodox style in its rectangular shape and east-west axis construction. The church, also called the Old Metropolitan, used to be the seat of the local Orthodox bishop.

Typically Orthodox churches are built to represent the universe. The domed ceiling represents Heaven and is decorated with a large painting of Christ looking down upon the assembled congregation.

The floor represents this world. The frienshlp altar is raised from the floor gjirokaxter the top of flr flight of steps as though suspended between Heaven and earth. Near the entrance, there is an icon housed in a hand-carved stand that symbolizes the divine transformation of Christ. The interior of the church was heavily damaged during the communist era. Little remains of the original murals on the rear walls. The framed icons on both sides of the altar snd rear wall were painted recently by a local artist moe specializes in religious art and restoration. The hand-carved chair in the main part of the church the nave was originally intended for the Orthodox bishop.

Decorative metal candle and incense holders, called censers, are suspended overhead. The third part of the church, the sanctuary, divides the nave by the ornately carved iconostasis. Its purpose is to restrict entry into the sanctuary by anyone other than consecrated officials of the Church. The screen has two tiers. Along the upper tier there is a collection of small framed icons, these are originals dating from the 18th or 19th century. Most of the icons in this church today are reproductions as the originals, removed during communist years, were never recovered. The Mosque: The mosque in the Old Bazaar is open daily.

Admission is free and visitors are welcome. The best time to visit is about 15 minutes after the five-times-daily call to prayer when the imam is present. It is thought that the mosque was spared destruction by the communists in the late s because of its status as a cultural monument.

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Twelve out of the thirteen extant mosques in Gjirokastra were destroyed during this period. Posibly the religious clamp down the mosque was used as a training hall for circus acrobats who made use of the high domed ceilings to hang their trapezes. It was destroyed by fire in the following century. The octagonal-shaped building on the west side is used for the ritual washing of hands and feet before the faithful enter. According to religious custom women pray separately from the men and have their own entrance.

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The area underneath the entrance portico z to be occupied by shops. Money collected from the merchants was a z of income to support the maintenance of the mosque. The largest room inside the main door is used for prayer. The indentation in the opposite wall is the mihrab, where the imam stands oriented towards Mecca, the direction to which Muslims turn when they pray. Nearby you will see a yellow building that looks a bit feienship a mosque with its domed roof. This two storey octagonal building, constructed inused to be a Bektashi tekke. It was closed down during the communist period.

Today it is a madrasah Muslim school. The sound of the running water w be heard at some distance and you will hear it as you approach. The remains of the minaret tower are immediately to the right of the fountain. Walk down the three steps to see the remaining fountains, some of which are still in operation, with their beautiful accompanying dedicatory inscription. In these fountains the faithful ritually Loking themselves before attending prayers in the mosque. On the other side is a Hamam, morr traditional Turkish bathhouse, currently closed and awaiting restoration. The roof of the Hamam has been recently repaired by the Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization.

Partisan Heroines: Situated in the main square is a stone monument depicting two young women standing heroically with nooses around their necks. They are: Musine Kokalari spent 37 years in prison during the communist regime and died a forsaken death in northern Albania. Situated in the main square named after him it was erected in and is by the great Albanai realist sculptor Odise Paskali. Inthey were at the head of a unit of patriotic rebels who fought against the Ottoman occupation. Two of the members of their unit assassinated the Turkish bimbash, the Gjirokastra police chief. If you look closely you will see a bullet hole which was inflicted by an Italian soldier during the occupation of the 2nd world war.

The Obelisk: There are breathtaking views of the city from the Obelisk, especially of the old town districts of Varosh belowPalorto on the hill toward the right and Dunavat higher on the hill toward the left. The Obelisk is adjacent to the area in which the first Albanian school opened in Gjirokastra in Under the Ottoman occupation Albanians were not permitted to have their own schools, and so this was a very dangerous enterprise at the time for the teachers who dared to work there. Today the building houses the Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organisation. In addition it has a pleasant and leafy main street with extensive views looking west across the Drino valley.

To reach the town travel approximately 15 km south from Gjirokastra, take the sign-posted road to the east across the valley; this takes one directly to the town. The archaeological evidence indicates a very ancient settlement which reached its zenith in the 17th-century. At the same time I do try to think before I speak and look at situations from everyones point of view. Commitment wise I'm not looking to rush things but I'm not afraid of a real relationship either. I just prefer to take a little but of time to get it right. I feel like being friends first and then seeing where it goes is a good idea. Here's a few more things about me:

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