Is a deep voice intimidating men

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Ditch that baritone: Deep male voices more intimidating than sexy

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This is everyone? I thought it was just me. Sometimes we can track down intiimdating original source of the fear, the experience that made us start hauling around a helmet that eventually grew into a full suit of plate. Maybe we were trained in childhood to avoid provoking an easily angered dad, or maybe we had a physically or verbally abusive partner who taught us either to cower or to freeze. This is why we never take off the armor of fear: Some Tumblr users on the thread cautioned male readers not to get defensive: Newsletter Never miss another story.

But of course, male readers did get defensive, and the frame of their defensiveness is telling.

Especially voife boys are often taught that anger is the only expressible emotion, it must be terribly difficult to find out that even your mild anger causes panic in people you love. Ontimidating likes being drafted against their will into a culture of violence. When I stopped blubbering and explained to my boyfriend why my response was so out of proportion, he was so alarmed that he promised not to raise his voice again. I put up my visor, he blunts his sword, and we avoid accidentally blundering into one another. Speak more quietly than you think you have to; learn to express negative emotions with precision rather than volume. Hi there and thanks for reading. We prefer low voices because, we assume, voices say something far beyond the words they convey: We perceive men with lower-pitched voices to be more attractive and physically stronger --and also more competent and more trustworthy --than their less burly-voiced peers.

Deep men intimidating Is a voice

And we perceive women with lower-pitched voices along the same lines though we also tend to perceive them, tellingly, inhimidating less attractive than their Betty Boop -y counterparts. What's more, our preference for low-voiced leaders holds true, it seems, for those in--and seeking--traditionally "feminine" leadership roles. A new studypublished in the journal PLOSOne, has documented a bias toward low-pitched voices even when the owners of those voices are seeking to lead female-dominated bodies like school boards and PTAs. I mean, er, yes [said in a low voice so as to be perceived to be maximally authoritative].

To make intimidsting determination, the authors created hypothetical elections for two traditionally lady-led outfits: They recorded their "candidates"--ten men and ten women, with mean ages of 33 and 28, respectively--uttering a so-common-it's-neutral political phrase: Presenting those recordings to a group of 35 women and 36 men, the researchers asked their "electorate" to vote among the candidates--testing the assumption, they say, "that men and women will prefer male and female leaders with more feminine voices for feminine leadership roles.

The low-pitched voices won the day, despite the fact that those voices were seeking "feminine" leadership roles. As in previous studies, men and women preferred female candidates with masculine voices. Likewise, men preferred men with masculine voices. Women, however, did not discriminate between male voices. School board results: A value of. Is our discrimination against high-pitched voices so deeply ingrained that we apply it indiscriminately?

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