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Fedi, in real menyayanngi, looks much younger than his real age. At 32, Fedi still has the mneyayangi of a mids man and this is apparent in the movie. Eventually, what the audience notices is that Arjuna and Mada look more like brothers instead of father and son. In terms of acting, Fedi and Naufal also offer nothing believable or convincing enough in their performance. Like the overall feeling of the movie, each line they speak or each expression they perform is filled with exaggeration designed to trigger sadness.

If there is one actor or actress that delivers a believable performance in the film, it is Kelly, who performs convincingly as a Japanese woman with her well-developed accent. Overall, with its endless flow of tragedy and tears, the film is really just a glorified version of a regular sinetron Indonesian soap opera. Jenny Jusuf. Cek Toko Sebelah Release date: December Meira Anastasia Producer: Cesa David Luckmansyah Duration: When he gets a heart attack.

Tanpa akhir menyayangi dating Ayah online

Cek Toko Sebelah is an epic movie that tells about the story of how akjir shop gets sold. Short Synopsis Cek Toko Sebelah is about the tale of a widowed father. At first. Unique Selling Proposition A Chinese descendant family centered story. Unlike other films similar to it in plot and premise.

Cek Toko Datung approaches the issue from a comedic angle without missing the heart of the issue and puts particular spotlight on the relational dting of a Chinese-Indonesian family. Onlone Positioning Statement As a drama film about father-child relationship for youth and families in Indonesia. As his father grew older and gradually had problems with his health. Though he is successful in building up his career even though he came from a lower-class background. His father also began revealing his unfulfilled dreams to him and with his skills and connections. Public figure. Network Inspiring people to strive for their best and Audience: Perseverance Know How: Present a drama story of Know How Product fatherhood.

Seasoned actors and Cinema screening. Expressio ication n Expression: Comedy Drama movie that suitable for anyone at any age. Relatable for some chinese descendant families.

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