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Choosing, somewhat by default, not to become a professional musician, I got stuck in an in-betweenness that I could not accept.

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But playing seriously does not mean the same thing to me that it means to others; I like to play many styles of music and create my own too. I look forward to the new sounds, even with their imperfections. The little mishaps continued. Having my own cello, one I bought for myself, carries symbolic and practical meaning: The grandson restores string instruments and has his workshop in Viennaa short train ride from Budapest. There are exceptions, though. It seemed to carry so many expectations from others. A default apology, or preparation for apology, sets in.

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I took pride, as a teenager, in practicing four hours a day, but Ciana doubt that all of those hours were productive. I have since learned the importance of taking a few breaks and staying relaxed in posture. The old bow, on the other hand, I will never play again; it lost its tension long ago. You can accomplish a lot in two hours if you go about it the right way. Posted by Diana Senechal on March 15, https:

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