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Once we were all back down, we were given an opportunity to go snorkeling off the shore of the island. I get a bit nervous around water that I cannot see the bottom of within the ocean, but when was I going to snorkel in the Pacific in Ecuador again?! I stripped down to my suit and jumped in!

Honorary, we only had met for 1 year, so often we went a number to an older ankle who didn't say a boutique for 20 km. Day 10 — Opt to Guayaquil Fairly pope, you can get the bus to Guayaquil.

It was a bit cold, but not freezing. Hardly anyone was coming in with me. Suddenly a researcher who had been abuot along on our tour shouted out to me, "Go about a meter under and you can hear the whales singing! I couldn't see anything but the darkness litle the ocean. On my way up I heard the sweet gentle Ldaies of the littke. The new spot was much prettier and we successfully took off on the second attempt. It was an amazing experience, very llttle but also a little painful. The whole thing lasted about 30mins and after our stomach and leg muscles were very sore. Once we arrived back in Puerto Lopez we set out in search for food.

I had read about a restaurant that had vegetarian options that was also a hostel. The hostel was quite a ways away from the main area and when we finally found it we saw a sign that said only hostel guests could eat at the restaurant. We decided to ask anyway because we were super hungry and knew it was going to be a struggle to find something else to eat anyway else. But they said no. We finally found a restaurant owned by a very nice lady that made us an amazing salad. After the salad, we were still hungry and found a place that made spaghetti with vegetables.

The next morning after breakfast we set out for Isla de la Plata. There were 7 other people going on the tour with us and we all hopped on a little boat. The view from the boat was great, very pretty. The car was really low clearance but small enough to maneuver around bumps and holes. We got lost, had a glorious time, and got directions from pretty much everyone. That was an adventure too, because we only have a very little Spanish. Lets see now, I think she said 2 bridges, 3 lefts, and 2 rights. I don't remember a T-intersection though I wasn't worried, we had plenty of gas and could always have gone back.

Eventually we got to Mindo where we spent 3 days and used the car quite a bit as we stayed at a place a few km from the town. Bird watching from your own car is good there. After an interesting passage north to south through 70 km long Quito I'm sure there must have been a faster bypass, but we had no idea where it was we headed south to the Cotopaxi Volcano. There was a sign in Machachi saying "scenic drive" so we took that. Yep, it was scenic. But a little rough, the road went up and up and was paved with rock cobblestones. We took a dirt track across to the volcano rising from the nearly 4, m plateau as the clouds played hide and seek with the snow-covered summit.

Then we spotted a large shape. What is that, a cow or something? It's an Andean condor walking around near an animal carcass.

After this visit, we head to the monument of the Middle of the World, geographically located at 0 degrees and 0 minutes, 0 seconds and marks the division between northern and southern hemisphere as established by French Geodesic Mission in the eighteenth century, we will know the Ethnographic Museum in which you can observe all ethnic groups in Ecuador, plus the history of each of their lifestyles. This is an opportunity to be photographed with the feet on the northern and southern hemispheres at once. Also visit the resort, whose city is a replica of colonial Spanish architecture that provides a wide variety of tourist attractions including the main square, church, post office, bullring, cafeterias, restaurants and various craft centers.

The tour includes private transportation, entrance tickets and bilingual guide. That night, we will arrange a taxi transfer to bring you to the bus terminal. At the bus station in Quito our driver will also assist you to get in the bus which will take you to the city of Manta after 9 hours traveling in a confortable bus, where our coordinator will wait you to start the Machalilla tour.

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Day 4 - Manta city tour — Puerto Lopez As son as you meet our guide, he will take you to visit the Malecon, handicraft mall centre, and many other attractions of the city. In the afternoon, you will be taken through the coast highway, until Puerto Lopez, where you will have your accommodation at our hotel. Day 5 — Isla Salango Early in the morning, our guide will pick you from the hotel, and will take you by boat to the Salango island, where you will admire the fauna and flora of the region. The tour will end that day, doing the snorkeling activity in an specific spot near to the island. Day 6 — Los Frailes beach This day, you will visit the beach of Los Frailes, considered by the National Geographic, as one of the ten most attractive beaches all around the world.

A variety of fishes can be watched doing snorkeling. During this day, you will be traveling from the coast into the Andes region for 9 hours. As soon as you arrive in Quito, our personal driver will take you to our hostel. I had an apt.

The weather is nice year around of not too hot or too cold. Had a little rain in January and February, but most of the time its warm and sunny. Its right on the South Pacific Ocean and you can rent jet skis and its like snowmobiling but its in water and the ocean waters are warm.

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