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Push me only when I improve a bit. Consider after your own privacy first.

Are they demanding of you, or do they seek to meet your needs? Answering these questions early in the relationship can keep you from certain disaster later. Meet their family and friends. You can quickly learn a lot about your potential mate by seeing how he or she behaves with family and friends. On a date, you will only see the side of them that is trying to impress you, but people tend to act more like themselves when around the people who know them the best. If they treat the ones they love well, you may be fortunate to be one of those well-treated people in the near future.

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Meet other members in your area looking for some great times. Profiles can be made discreet, safe, and fun! Local Hookups DoYouWant. Me Join DoUWant. If your potential mate is constantly canceling on you, beware! Watch out if they are spending more of their free time with friends than with you because this is probably how your life will always be. Sleep tight God Keep You. I have great potential. I just need my angel to help heal me as I want to build everything together as soon as I AM safe and loved again. A women that's understanding,compionate,sympathetic,completely NON judgemental of me and can feel me,feel for me always and I you. Fun,fair and funny,Great sense of humour razing free please.

Serious when need be. Just enough jealousy to know I really matter to you and you to me. As long as we are perfect for each other, age isn't that important. You care about your mind,body and soul. You are in nice shape. Dark or light. I don't expect impossible,just perfect for me. You know when the time is right or not and we are in agreeance.

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You are very versatile and completely adaptable. Even if its working on our dream home in the construction zone or getting greasy under the hood on our cool cars. Riding BMX. Whatever comes to our minds.

As long as it's the two of us. You and I are souls of Ffee. But we prefer to sit and watch a cool movie at home instead love movies ,quietly holding,cuddling;then loving. I AM all that you nurture out of me. I AM starting from new. I want you to participate in every aspect of my rebirth. Bounce ideas off each other. I want the "ONE" that will support my every dream, aspiration, idea; encourage me always. Give me every opportunity to go forward with you in life. Push me only when I need a bit.

And gently hold me byddy reason not to do something foolish. As I will you. And we'll never be bored of each other ever. When it's time for both of us,I would like to have a very special family. Completely open. Nothing to hide. A family that loves to play together,stays together. Find me my LOVE.

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