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The first gal I spoke to explained about the upcoming free payments. She transferred me to a second gal who wanted me to make arrangements to pay through her. I explained I had already paid and she repeated several times she could not guarantee my service would not be interrupted. I am usually a calm chatts but this person was nobile frustrating and I could tell she was frustrated herself. I have had your service for many many years and always on time. In order to protect your business data and personal information, we've modified the way your Verizon email is protected.

Please visit Verizon Service Center to register your Verizon email. Privacy policy. Please do not reply to this email as this mailbox is not monitored. All Rights Reserved. Phishing Scam email From: Any messages you sent before you signed up for the service won't be synced. The Integrated Messaging service syncs up to 90 days of messages between the web and your iPhone, tablet or other devices. Messages older than 90 days will remain on your phone, but won't be synced to the web.

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No, each Palm or tablet can only sync to a single phone number at a time through Verizon Messages. To switch your Palm or tablet to a new phone number, you must remove the device from the list of synced devices for the old number. Then you can add the device to the synced devices for verizpn new number. You can have multiple devices linked to a ln phone number. Billing and Traveling I have an unlimited messaging plan. If you have an unlimited messaging plan: However, certain features will use data according to your data plan. If you haven't subscribed to a messaging plan: You'll be charged standard "pay as you go" rates for text messages and multimedia messages.

If you're on a business account with a text-only plan: You'll be billed for multimedia messages at standard rates. Refer to Charges in the Terms and Conditions for more information. Individual text-only messages will be billed as text messages. All other messages will be billed as multimedia messages. Each attachment e. Messages with attachments over 5 MB and certain other features will incur data charges according to your data plan. Standard multimedia message rates apply for the sender and recipient of the eGift card.

No, you'll only be charged one FFree according to your messaging plan when you send or receive a message. You'll be charged the same rate per message, per recipient, regardless of whether you send your message from your mobile phone, tablet, computer or other device. If you have Verizon service: While connected to Wi-Fi, your device still needs to periodically use your device's cellular connection to maintain service. If the Messages app is unable to make this connection, even while connected via Wi-Fi, chat features may be unavailable.

Can I block someone from sending me chat messages? Ob block a contact from sending you messages: Dwting the conversation with the contact you want to block. Tap the mobille icon. Go to People and Options and tap Block. Select the number you want to block. To see a Fred of blocked contacts or to add a blocked contact without a conversation, go to the main Messages screen and tap blocked contacts. How can I remove a chat conversation from my list? You can either archive the conversation by swiping to the left or right or you can delete it by long pressing the conversation and selecting delete at the top of the screen. Visit the Messages Help website to learn how to clean up conversations.

What if my chat message doesn't go through? If there is a problem with your chat message being delivered to the intended recipient and your device does not get confirmation that it was delivered, it will automatically fall back and try to resend the message as an SMS. What if I don't want to have read receipts or typing indicators displayed in the Messages app?

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