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Trigger Happy Havoc, Naegi Makoto, is a teenager who starts his education in an elite high school. In contrast to his colleagues, he has no remarkable achievements and he was accepted to the school by winning a lottery. Soon after the school year starts, Makoto and a group of other students are trapped englsh the school building and a digitally-controlled mascot informs them that, in order to escape from the trap, one of them must murder someone else in such Lightt that it will be impossible to find out who is guilty. The game is pwp into three separate phases. First the player speaks with selected students, builds relations and learns interesting facts.

When the murder happens, the player is tasked with gathering evidence and testimonies. Finally the action moves to a court room where during a trial one must find out who the murderer is through a series of minigames. Persona 2: The title was originally published on Playstation in Guided by the actions of a brave journalist, players try to unravel the mystery of a series of murders. As a high school student from Sumar City, players have to stop a powerful demon brought into the human world. Please Give Birth to My Child! Itsuki Yuge is the protagonist here - a high-school student who is taken to a fantasy world for unknown reasons.

The reality he visits is marred by certain dark beings and the protagonist soon learns about the threat they have brought, and that he is the chosen one capable of facing them. Along with thirteen female companions, he sets out on a mission to defeat evil. The game offers a three-dimensional environment and focuses on talking to other characters, exploring the game world and fighting the enemies encountered.

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Combat is turn-based and the dungeons are randomly generated. Interestingly, the protagonist is capable of having the so-called Star Children with each of his companions. Those become new companions bound to the couple. Star Children however, were gifted with unique abilities which can be ps in combat. One has to remember ps, that their power depends on the level of Light novel english psp dating between the protagonist and their female companion, as well as on the "mother's" abilities. Please Give Birth to My Child offers manga-style visuals, but apparently, pso creators were not focused on quality when working on this aspect. Players take on the role of a masked man suffering from amnesia, who ends up in a small village.

He soon becomes the leader of a englis aimed at overthrowing the regime of the evil emperor. The action of the game takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Japanese culture, englihs the Ainu people. It allows you to trace two periods in the life of a young Japanese - the last months of school and a few years of early adulthood. Both stages are filled with numerous dramas and fantastic elements. The gameplay boils down mainly to following the plot and making decisions. Players follow a first year student at a Tokyo university and a novice inventor who follows a conspiracy related to one of his gadgets. Corpse Party: The game combines old school, two-dimensional horror with the visual novel genre.

The story of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows relates to events depicted in the original game and sheds new light on the plot and characters that were shown there. The game consists of seven chapters which present separate stories in which the protagonists from the original game participate. Various scenarios continue or precede the story of Corpse Party and or depict its alternative versions. In contrast to the first game in the series, which was similar to classic, two-dimensional jRPGs, this time the game is a regular adventure game with a point-and-click interface and visual novel elements.

Twelve warriors, extensive combat styles and a refined multiplayer mode are the most important features of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. For the new versions of the game, the authors have developed a number of new elements: We play the penguin of Prynny, who is supposed to find the assassins of the failed attempt to murder the prince of hell. The game consists of a series of dialogues, mini-games, as well as one-on-one fights. The whole was presented in a humorous and friendly graphics with the music known from the predecessors. He visits a Japanese hostess bar every night and tries to win the heart of one of the women working there. During the game players try to find out more about their choice and make an appointment with her for the next dating.

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