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So was assembled as experienced an auto of perspective, wit, and today as abandoned any hotel. The men repetitive to top each other by very to do your clients worse than the others. Winfield Value, Net 28.

However, during week before Homecoming, donation Wknfield were made available for the student body to vote for the Ugly Man by way of money. Pennies added to the amount of votes a candidate received, silver change took away. Escorta example, someone could dump 25 pennies into a jar, and someone else could turn around and donate a quarter to cancel out the pennies. Whoever had the most money in Winield jar at the end of Homecoming week received the title of Ugliest Man on Campus for that year. Escogts went all out kqnsas try to be the ugliest - donning all sorts rscorts unusual, even grotesque, outfits to pose for pictures. The knsas tried to top each other by trying to make their costumes worse than the mansas.

Up until the mids, the Ugly Man did not escort the Homecoming Queen candidates at the crowning ceremony. Two different coronations were held - one Winfieldd the Queen and one for the Ugly Man. It has only been in recent years that the Ugly Man was considered the equivalent to Homecoming King. Within the past few years, nominees for Ugly Man have discontinued the tradition of attempting to be ugly. The teaching citation designates the award that is given to a member of the teaching faculty. The non-teaching award may be given to any person who has contributed to the Southwestern College community.

The candidates are nominated by organizations, athletic groups, and social groups. The nominees are then voted on by the student body. According to Decker, this group was made up of women who did not belong to the other two sororities on campus. The yearbook mentions that the group sponsored an Ugly Man on Campus contest that year, but did not say if it was held during Homecoming, as it is now. Candidates were nominated in a similar manner as they are now - different organizations nominated the Ugly Men. However, during week before Homecoming, donation jars were made available for the student body to vote for the Ugly Man by way of money. Pennies added to the amount of votes a candidate received, silver change took away.

For example, someone could dump 25 pennies into a jar, and someone else could turn around and donate a quarter to cancel out the pennies. Whoever had the most money in his jar at the end of Homecoming week received the title of Ugliest Man on Campus for that year. HARTER has vacated the office of Sheriff of this county, in which position he has served for two years with honor and urbanity. These qualities he will transfer to the Central Hotel, and add to its already wide popularity. Winfield Courier, February 12, Winfield Courier, February 19, The Central Hotel is occupying its new addition.

In a few minutes after the alarm sounded, and before the fire had got fairly under way, several hundred men were on the ground with buckets and the "Little Giant" fire engine, and in a short time had it completely under control. Winfield kansas escorts good deal of unnecessary damage was done to the furniture by reckless parties, who tore down window curtains, smashed the sash, and did many other things entirely uncalled for. The fire has served to show the utter inefficiency of the means provided to extinguish it. The wells and pumps on which has been squandered a large amount of money were useless, some of the wells being dry and others, where the hose was attached, the force Winfield kansas escorts the pump was too weak to raise the water as high as the building.

It is very certain that had the fire occurred at midnight, instead of in daylight when hundreds were on the streets to help extinguish it by hand, a large portion of the business part of our city would now be but a mass of ruins. Let us take this as a warning, and at once cast about for some effective means of protecting ourselves against this devouring demon. Winfield Courier, March 25, The Central Hotel is now fully repaired and ready for another fire. Winfield Courier, April 15, We clip the following from the Topeka Commonwealth.

It is from the pen of Cliff Baker, who accompanied the Board of Assessors on their recent visit here. We visited the offices of the Winfield Daily Telegram, published by Mr. They are each well fitted and well supplied offices. Allison is doing a good thing for Winfield, in the publication of his morning daily with the Associated Press dispatches, and it must be at great cost to himself. Winfield Courier, April 22, The doctor cameā€”he still lives. Different Editors. After the meeting adjourned, the guests were shown around the city by the citizens, in carriages. The evening was spent very pleasantly in dancing and social converse at the opera house.

The ball in the evening which was attended by the editors, visitors, and many citizens of Winfield was a brilliant success. The fine hall was built by Col. Manning, and is well adapted to large parties. Lemmon, who was master of ceremonies, succeeded in seating the guests, numbering about one hundred and fifty. We were escorted to the Central Hotel, the headquarters of the association, and where was assembled the majority of the editors of the valley. Here was assembled as fine an array of genius, wit, and intellect as graced any hotel. The association held three sessions, namely, in the forenoon at During the afternoon session the monotony of business transactions was relieved by a very pleasant incident.

Miss Mollie Devendorf, a daughter of Mr. Manning, was a perfect success. The music was perfect, better than we have heard on similar occasions for a long time. The attendance was large, but not so much so as to be over-crowded. For elegance of dress and appearance, the ladies of Winfield are fully equal to those of any of her sister cities in Kansas. The banquet, which was served at the Central Hotel, was excellent. We availed ourselves of a kind invitation to attend the meeting of the Arkansas Valley Editorial Association at Winfield, Kansas, on the 17th inst. It was a large gathering of the editorial fraternity of the Southwest.

We there met the old veteran editors of the Kansas press: Baker, Geo. Martin, C. Coutant, J. Folkes, Judge Muse, A. Hoisington, Mr. Millington, and younger members of the craft with a great deal of pleasure. It was an assemblage of unusually fine looking men. To the editors of Winfield, Messrs. Millington, Allison, and Conklin, the members of the convention, and invited guests, our obligations for their personal attention. Anderson, of Topeka, with the song of "Carve dat Possum," and then full justice was done to the magnificent supper. We arrived at Winfield about noon and were met by a committee of citizens, with half a dozen busses and full a score of carriages in waiting, and were escorted to hotels and private residences, according as the guests had been assigned by the deputation that met us on the train.

It was my good fortune to become the guest of Bretton Crapster at the Central Hotel. Millington, Conklin, and Allison, the three publishers of the town, as com-mittee, were assiduous in their devotion to the guests. In the afternoon the busses and carriages took us about the city to see the sights. After midnight a banquet was served at the Central House, and participated in by about persons. Lemmon was master of ceremonies and commenced by inviting Major Anderson to "Kyarve dat Possum," which was soon done, the company joining largely in the chorus. Speeches were made by other gentlemen, and altogether the occasion was a very enjoyable one.

Winfield Courier, April 29, He takes possession May 1st. Doane is one of our largest property owners and a son-in-law of W.

There could not be two like it in one community. The house itself could be duplicated, but you could not find another Harter by a large Majority. Winfield kansas escorts Center Dispatch. Winfield Courier, May 6, Frank Finch was severely burned while trying to get some of the furniture out of the Central during the fire Winfielv week. He was in the east wing of the building and the roof fell Winfield kansas escorts on him. He is secorts rapidly kanxas will be out again in a few days. Leuschen as a cabinet shop. The fire is supposed to have originated esvorts the old rags, oil, and varnish in the shop.

The alarm was given before the fire was thoroughly underway, and had those first on the ground been furnished with decent appliances, it might have been controlled, saving thousands of dollars worth of property. The old log building was like a tinder box and made a very hot fire. Next to it on the east were two buildings, one belonging to C. Harter and occupied by the moulder at the foundry, the other owned and occupied by Robert Hudson. These buildings were both destroyed, but the contents were saved. From this the fire was communicated to the Central and Lindell hotels.

As soon as it was evident that the hotels must go, the work of getting out the furniture began. Carpets, bedding, crockery ware, and furniture of all descriptions were tumbled promiscuously out of windows and doors into the street, much of it being broken and smashed. The hotels being dry, pine buildings, burned rapidly, sending up large cinders which fell in different parts of the city, making the utmost vigilance necessary to keep them from igniting buildings three blocks from the fire. When the two hotels caught, everyone turned their attention toward saving the buildings on either side of the street. They were covered with men who handled buckets of water and barrels of salt, and by their exertions prevented the fire from spreading and destroying the larger part of the business portion of our city.

The old part of the Central Hotel was owned by Jas. Jenkins, of Wisconsin. They had sold out to A. Doane, and were to have given possession Saturday morning.

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escortx The Lindell Hotel was owned by J. Spencer, and was leased by Jas. Allen one month ago. Our citizens generously opened their homes to the homeless people, and accommodations were offered for more than was needed. The following is a list of the losses and insurance. Tenant had no loss except damage.

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Hudson escoorts most of her furniture. No loss except damage. No insurance on either house or contents. Central Hotel, main building: The companies are all first class, and the losses will be promptly adjusted and paid. See Williams Hotel ending. Sid Majors takes over and changes the name to Central Hotel. Ransom, Scott, and Norman O. Allen, capitalists from Lockport, Me. Winfield Courier, June 26, Dickie, of the Central Hotel, accompanied by her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. Smith, of Shelby, Ohio, who are visiting them, spent several days of last week in the wilds of the Indian Territory, returning Sunday.

Winfield Courier, July 3, Sid Majors has sold his interest in the Central Hotel to his partner, Mr. Dickie, and has again retired from active business. Winfield Courier, July 24,

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