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With mh rejection letter I received during my academic job search, I felt a rising tide of relief. Now I can do as I please, I thought. Now I can move to New Tofs. And thus I found myself in the back seat of a cab with my foot in the mouth of a near stranger. I had landed a job at a test-prep company, devising analogies, antonyms and sentence completions for standardized tests, my creative aspirations being spent on word ny and vocabulary drills. We employees were a collection of would-be artists working day jobs. There was the doctor who secretly wanted to sing opera, the lawyer who had devoted a good part of his life to ultimate Frisbee, and the engineer who was into sound design.

It was an island of misfit toys: We worked long hours and retired to local bars to decompress and talk about our shadow lives. On one such night, I agreed to share a cab home with a drunken co-worker 10 years my junior. A cab was an unthinkable luxury for me in those days. I had no game in hailing taxis, even sober as I was, but my co-worker finally managed to snag one. As we sailed through the city streets making small talk, I complained about my sore feet, and he offered to give me a foot massage. I hardly knew this guy — he worked in a whole different area — but, feeling weary and curious, I thought, Why not?

I removed my Vibram-sole sandals and offered up my feet. It felt like time travel as we whipped down the F.

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He spoke of toes in general with reverence and earnest passion. He spoke of my toes hi particular: I had moved to New York to fulfill my deepest dreams. And here was this young man, presenting me with his small dream. I thought of all the times in my life I had said no. All the roads I had never hitched, all the chances I had never taken, all the lips I had never kissed. And I thought: New York is not about no.

New York is about yes! Well, I wish I could say it was the most erotic experience of my life. He sucked tose each toe as if it were the leg of a tiny tes and he was after the meat. Then he tended to my other toee, playing it as if it were a harmonica. The slurping sounds aroused the attention of our driver, and I leaned forward through the partition to block his view. Given all that, my feet looked remarkably clean. Even so, I wondered if my companion might contract some fatal foot-and-mouth disease from his impulsive actions. And yet I knew that if this were to be his final act, he would die happy. Just as I would die happy. Just as those who live to see their deepest dreams fulfilled die happy.

The cab turned onto my street, and the man released my foot. And so, the next day we pretended it had never happened. After some time had passed, I almost wondered if it had.

It heightens all my other senses. When he pays more attention to my fingers and toes sudk he does to the more obvious areas, it only makes me want him more. When he finally does get down to business, it feels so much more intense and ultimately leads to better, longer-lasting orgasms. It makes me feel dirty in a great way. Sometimes we like things that defy explanation, and toe sucking seems to be it for me.

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My partner looks really hot from that angle. Not every sexual position is flattering or even all that sexy. Still, having him bend my leg at that delicate obtuse angle and leaning slightly over me is certainly a winner in my book. My feet always look amazing these days. I started wearing heels far too young, I let the calluses on my soles build up, and my toenails were more cuticle than nail. No longer!

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