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Is Romance Brewing Between Bachelorette Emily Maynard & Host Chris Harrison?

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Maybe in another world they'd be great boyfriend and girlfriend — she's 26, he's 25 — but life circumstances dictate something different. The date itself went great, but it was clear these three guys are spectacular and hard to beat. The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: She was a mess. Emily was really emotional, not only that time is running out, but she was freaking out that she's falling for three guys. She was thinking how tough it would be to say goodbye to Chris, but really I think she was thinking how it's going to be impossible to say goodbye to Sean, Arie or Jef.

It all hit her that she's far from done. What did you think of the other dates?

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Arie got off to a bumpy start with his family speaking Dutch, but she had a great trip. Jef's hometown was ridiculous. Like Emily said, "Skinny jeans Jef is country! He also wrote that letter that most men can't come up with on their wedding day. The words he said and the feelings he expressed, she was just blown away. Exclusive Video: Get a first look at Bachelor Pad 3 And she was so sweet when she thought Sean lived at home! She has no poker face, but I love that about her. She's a total southern sweetheart thinking, "We're absolutely going to break up and this is a deal breaker," while saying, "This is great!

Here are 14 of the biggest standout secrets that fans might be surprised to read. I definitely want to be on the show. Producers called her trying to convince her to do the show, reassuring her that she would really like the guy. According to Emily, group dates would start at nine in the morning and would end "well after midnight. Emily also says that she had a similar situation with Chantal where she was able to tell her why no one asked her questions about her date with Brad, without the presence of cameras. There Was A Sleeping Pill Situation At one point during The Bachelor, Emily says that she was so sleep deprived that she took a sleeping pill she had packed that put her in a funny situation the next morning.

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Unfortunately, Emily didn't get to sleep until 3 a. The situation left her worried that the show would include a clip of her portrayed as "a pill-popping drunk," but when the episode aired, she was just in the background. Brad Gave Her Extra Validation We know that validation is key on The Bachelor, but there are certain things producers don't want said to contestants before rose ceremonies. For instance, Brad told Emily that she would be getting a hometown date the following week, before the rose ceremony even occurred. She says, "All Bachelors and Bachelorettes were sternly warned not to spoil any surprises on camera.

Brad got in trouble for this one Brad Wasn't Prince Charming When Brad proposed to Emily, between all of the magic and romance, he said a not-so romantic thing.

You're a lot heavier than you look. She didn't take it — Ashley Hebert went on to meet husband J. Again, she denied, but slowly started to reconsider due to what she describes as a growing loneliness. Unfortunately, the timing was just off, and Emily had accepted the gig as Bachelorette before anything progressed with her and Tyler. Emily shares in her book that none of the bachelors could "approach her without permission, so it's more orchestrated than it looks on TV. Producers Write Down Their Predictions According to Emily, the producers on her season both had guesses at whom she would pick as the final guy after night one.

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