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She unconventional herself across She had a sustained worth living.

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They need to realise pogn. not normal. Sarah right40, a wedding photographer from Wales, sed while watching rape-based content during the mothers' research portion of the show Former headmistress Emma left is a mother of two daughters sexx 18 and 20, while Anita right43, from Manchester, is a mother-of-four and modelling agent Former headmistress Emma, a mother of two daughters aged 18 and 20, said: When we were approached to do this project, I asked my daughters if they had watched porn. All their friends had. Their girlfriends thought it was unrealistic. I wanted to do this to get people talking. Everything I enjoy with my husband isn't that but I was aware of what was out there.

The reason I got involved is I knew it was out there.

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At the end of the programme the women show the video oft their children Emma Morgan, executive producer of Mums Make Porn, said: Who cares more about their kids than mums? It felt like a really natural way into the subject. The Story of Sharmell They say she was a slut. They say she was a whore. They say she was looking for attention.

This is the story of a girl named Sharmell. Her name was Sharmell Brown. She was pretty. She was smart.

She was vivacious. She was curvaceous. However, she thought there was something missing. She had a life worth living. But she wished for one thing that she lacked.

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