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This is kind to renewed corresponding-tale, but once I let it real, I opened up in a way I don't post I had before. Duplicate Text 95 — I ern quality time with you.

So when cheerleader Paris Christina Milian crashes her car and can't afford the repairs, Alvin agrees to fix the bumper for the small price of pretending to be his girlfriend for two weeks. When Paris plays the guitar for Alvin while he reads the words she wrote. A modern-day twist on the classic titular tale, Sam Hillary Duff is invited to the homecoming dance by an anonymous internet friend, Austin Chad Michael Murraywho happens to be the school's quarterback and Mr. Sam shows up at the dance hidden by a mask, and Austin quickly falls for her. It was too perfect.

I wrote down the message and brought it with me. We got home from our trip and I was so tan and so excited to see him, and for him to see me, tan. I felt beautiful. There were so many missed calls from my friends. So many. She asked about my vacation. I felt guilty when I said it was wonderful since they were stuck in snow and I was free in the sun. It felt terrible saying that. But it was true. He died in a car accident days two days before I got back. I barely knew him. But he was so important to me. My friends went to the visitation together. I only wanted to be with my mom.

She held my hand and cried as I stared. She never approved of that crush. But I will never forget her being there. My pain was her pain. She grieved for his parents. She grieved for me.

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The Rmantic poster in the funeral home had my article on it. It had the set-list with my Song. I wanted to cry. I think I cried.

Girl Romantic tame cute in

Nor right to hug his family. He was my crush. I think about him often. Or when my heart hurts. He was perfect. He was my first love. He was my first loss. Here goes: I was 13 years old. It was the second day of 7th grade. Who was this refined, cultured individual, this Romantic cute girl in tame supporter of the visual arts, this animal water sport doodle aficionado? Neurons fired. Lightning struck. Somewhere in the far reaches of the universe, a gas giant exploded. Every animal on earth sensed an imminent major weather event. A bearded, crazy-haired scientist in a parka conducting research near the North Pole picked up some strange readings on his lab instruments. And I became a woman right there on the fucking spot.

I was a hopeless nerd. I was a head taller than every single person in my grade. I owned a mouse pad with R2-D2 on it. I was probably rightfully convinced that this dude would want nothing to do with my frizzy hair, awkward, curve-less body and my vast collection of books about unicorns. So I never talked to him. But I thought about him constantly. I cried about him. I rollerbladed past his house because it was the 90s and that was the only way to get anywhere duh in hopes that I might see him. I listened to some shitty Smashing Pumpkins song over and over because I heard him on the bus telling somebody he liked it.

It was a terrible situation all around. Then at the end of the year I worked up my courage to give him my yearbook to sign. In my fantasy he would hand it back to me and his message would read: You are stunning. I want to 1 kiss you on the mouth 2 do all the sex stuff 3 marry you and make attractive, intelligent, artistic, musical genius superhero babies 4 play Nintendo with you forever until we grow old and can no longer hold the controllers anymore because of arthritis. What did he actually write? Hi Katie [Katie is not my name. He, meanwhile, is simply trying to prove he can make any woman fall in love with him. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey sold their characters with wit and panache—throwing themselves into the roles completely, but delivering certain lines with just a whiff of irony.

Annie Hall What to do about Annie Hall, an indisputable masterpiece whose reputation has arguably been overshadowed by the troubling allegations lobbed against its writer, director, and star nearly two decades after its release? On separate occasions, Diane Keaton, delivering her signature performance, gets to be both. Even so, the film has a certain magic to it—a wistful sweetness underpinning its remarkably quotable jokes, rounding out what could have been an episodic collection of very good punch lines. Emma Thompson! Denzel Washington! Keanu Reeves!

Michael Keaton! Kate Beckinsale! Robert Sean Leonard! The cast alone is worth much ado—and in execution, too, this production also directed and scripted by Branagh sings.

In the ever-sparring Beatrice and Benedick, whose sexual tension is only heightened by their equally sharp tongues, Shakespeare created an archetypal couple whose bantering dynamic would inspire countless imitators and descendants—and Thompson and Branagh embody the lovers beautifully, imbuing centuries-old characters with modern wit and charm. A more recent adaptation—the version directed by Joss Whedon—is also worth a look for rom-com historians. Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true? Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body?

Put a bikini on your body. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. But she is surprised when he seems to like her back. Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. Sweet Text 9 — You look so innocently sweet when you blush. Sweet Text 11 — What makes me happy is simply spending time with you. Sweet Text 12 — Your beautiful smile turns my day around every time.

You are absolutely perfect just the way you are! Sweet Text 14 — You know you could have any man you wanted, but you chose me. Sweet Text 15 — When you are near me, I literally get weak in cufe knees. I wish I could make time stand still. Sweet Text 17 — When I hear your voice in the morning, Romantic cute girl in tame day has already been made. Sweet Text 18 — Did you know that your sweet smile makes me melt? Sweet Text 20 — Cuhe need to know that you have made all my dreams jn true. Sweet Text 23 — You are the most beautiful girl in the whole world.

Sweet Text 24 — Your taame is so soft. I love how it feels when I run my fingers over it. Sweet Text 26 — When you are sad, my heart breaks for you. Sweet Text 27 — This might sound a little cheesy, but I can truly say I get lost in your magnificent eyes. Sweet Text 28 — You are so beautiful I feel like I might dirty you just by touching you. Sweet Text 30 — When you touch me, I get butterflies. Sweet Text 32 — I love how your hair feels when I run my fingers through it. Sweet Text 33 — I love how you just seem to melt into my arms. Sweet Text 34 — I love how our hugs feel magical. Sweet Text 35 — I want you to know I want to kiss every inch of you.

Sweet Text 36 — My day starts and finishes with you in my mind. Sweet Text 37 — I love everything about you. Sweet Text 38 — I love the way you laugh, talk, walk, and smile. Sweet Text 39 — You magically make me feel so good. Sweet Text 41 — You lift me higher than I could ever imagine. Sweet Text 42 — You are so funny…thanks for making me laugh. Sweet Text 43 — I want you to know I love the way you make me feel. Sweet Text 46 — I love and appreciate the love you have for me.

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