Im dating a pakistani guy

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Dating a Pakistani man.. kinda long

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I know it was time-consuming for you to dsting it. Why dont he just tell it straight to my face if he dont want me anymore. Thank you much for taking the time to write such a wonderful post.

Guy Im pakistani dating a

It is. June 23, at 5: So this crusade against Pakistani men only is unfair and we should instead broaden the caution to all men coming from poor, developing Muslim countries, and men, who generally hail from cultures vastly different than ones own. HOWEVER, I would still want to get to know him, his views on women, gender equality, society, culture, race, sex, religion, family, bringing up children, values etc. She has a problem with rushing into relationships and I really don't feel like having to pick her heart up from the ground He told me everything abt his background.

Ah the constraint apologies. You draft trust and respect.

He is also an ER doctor. It gets complicated because many men want to suddenly embrace religion after marriage after having slept around with anything that moves, drinking, etc. You said you have met him online. It sounds as if he does not want to communicate with you. I just dont have the time or energy to accommodate unnecessary headaches down the line, which may ensue due to cultural gaps or my passport being more attractive than me. Hats off to all ladies here who survived and still recovering after the big storm came in their lives.

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