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Social equality simply means that we are ALL men, women ,white, black, homosexual, etc. That's it. It means that people definitionn not be treated as if the are "worth less" because of their race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Update 2: It didn't post the first time. To sum up, when feminists or black people, or our founding To sum up, when feminists or black people, or our founding fathers state that "We are all equal" they mean it in the sense of "social equality" not "we are the same as men", although, fundamentally, we ARE, in a sense Update 3: EDIT--Steve, it may very well be that feminists are not communicating their ideas very well with the general public.

In fact, I think it's true.

Feminism today exists largely in academia, and academia is generally unconcerned with what "the masses" think i. But I think Though the service itself is free, the contents of the answers are owned by the respective users — while Yahoo! Messenger ID on their Answers profile page. Misuse of Yahoo! Answers is handled by a user moderation system, where users report posts that are in breach of guidelines or the Terms of Service. Answers' default setting is that a reported user is guilty until proven innocent, an approach which allows unscrupulous reporters to play the system with impunity. Deletion may be appealed: Unfortunately, given the huge number of erroneous reports, the appeal process is overloaded and collapses under its own weight.

If a user receives a large number of violations in a relatively short amount of time or a very serious violation, it can cause the abuser's account to be suspended. In extreme, but rare cases for a Terms of Service violationthe abuser's entire Yahoo! ID will be suddenly deactivated without warning. This user moderated system, combined with poorly written community guidelines which are very much open to interpretation, has resulted in significant misuse of the report button. Influential users are able to subvert and abuse the reporting system simply to remove users they do not like, answers that they do not agree with or questions which conflict with their own point of view.

This "report monkeying" has driven away many long-term users, turning some sections of Yahoo Answers from vibrant, responsive communities where questions were answered within minutes and quality information was exchanged, into barren, slow moving topics mostly occupied by trolls. Despite repeated and ongoing requests by users, Y! A has not taken action to address the report monkey problem. While any user can report content, only users who frequently report content can have posts removed.

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The drawback of this system is that there is no point in a user reporting content unless they are a regular reporter; the average user has no ability to remove posts even where the posts are offensive. Normalization is usually referred to in terms of forms, and I will introduce only the first three, even though it is somewhat common to use other, more advanced forms fourth, fifth, Boyce-Codd; see documentation. First Normal Form refers to moving data into separate tables where the data in each table is of a similar type, and by giving each table a primary key. Putting data in Second Normal Form involves removing to other tables data that is only dependent of a part of the key. For example, if I had left the names of the Antique Owners in the items table, that would not be in Second Normal Form because that data would be redundant; the name would be repeated for each item owned; as such, the names were placed in their own table.

The names themselves don't have anything to do with the items, only the identities of the buyers and sellers. Third Normal Form involves getting rid of anything in the tables that doesn't depend solely on the primary key. Only include information that is dependent on the key, and move off data to other tables that are independent of the primary key, and create a primary key for the new tables. There is some redundancy to each form, and if data is in 3NF shorthand for 3rd normal formit is already in 1NF and 2NF. In terms of data design then, arrange data so that any non-primary key columns are dependent only on the whole primary key.

If you take a look at the sample database, you will see that the way then to navigate through the database is through joins using common key columns. Two other important points in database design are using good, consistent, logical, full-word names for the tables and columns, and the use of full words in the database itself. On the last point, my database is lacking, as I use numeric codes for identification.

For fox, if you platinum to be far that a profession of the AntiqueOwners temporary returned only one row, wonder an asset condition of the minimum key column, OwnerID. Twenty reasons immediately fell to fundamental as to why this is critical. Avatars was followed in.

It is usually best, if possible, jahoo come up with keys that are, by themselves, self-explanatory; for example, a better key Equalify be the first four letters of the last name yaoho first initial of definitikn owner, like JONEB for Bill Jones or for tiebreaking purposes, Equlity numbers to xefinition end to differentiate two or more people with similar names, so you could try JONEB1, JONEB2, etc. What is the difference between a single-row query and a multiple-row query and why is it important to know the difference? Whether a query returns Equality definition yahoo dating row EEquality more than one row is entirely dependent on the design or schema of the tables of the database.

As query-writer, you must be aware of the schema, be sure to include enough conditions, and structure your SQL statement properly, so that you will get the desired result either one row or multiple rows. For example, if you wanted to be sure that a query of the AntiqueOwners table returned only one row, consider an equal condition of the primary key column, OwnerID. Three reasons immediately come to mind as to why this is important. First, getting multiple rows when you were expecting only one, or vice-versa, may mean that the query is erroneous, that the database is incomplete, or simply, you learned something new about your data.

Second, if you are using an update or delete statement, you had better be sure that the statement that you write performs the operation on the desired row or rows Third, any queries written in Embedded SQL must be carefully thought out as to the number of rows returned. If you write a single-row query, only one SQL statement may need to be performed to complete the programming logic required. If your query, on the other hand, returns multiple rows, you will have to use the Fetch statement, and quite probably, some sort of looping structure in your program will be required to iterate processing on each returned row of the query.

Tell me about a simple approach to relational database design. First, create a list of important things entities and include those things you may not initially believe is important. Second, draw a line between any two entities that have any connection whatsoever; except that no two entities can connect without a 'rule'; e. Therefore put the 'connection' in a diamond, the 'entities' in squares. Third, your picture should now have many squares entities connected to other entities through diamonds a square enclosing an entity, with a line to a diamond describing the relationship, and then another line to the other entity.

Fourth, put descriptors on each square and each diamond, such as customer -- airline -- trip. Fifth, give each diamond and square any attributes it may have a person has a name, an invoice has a numberbut some relationships have none a parent just owns a child.

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