Updating acer bios

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Updating the BIOS of the Aspire One A110 or A150

Go to series by clicking the time indication on the Case menu. Copy Flashit.

More Uldating, it is determined by the motherboard, where the BIOS is positioned. Also remember that a key such as F10 may actually display something else, such as the boot menu.

Updafing key combination totally depends on your system model and manufacturer. You can follow with trial and error method until you get the right key. It must be utilized for any other Acer product. Perform the steps below to prepare the USB flash drive: Double-click the similarly named folder as the downloaded file.

Acer bios Updating

The folder will include a file named Copy Flashit. Plug in the AC adapter. Press Fn and ESC keys together and then press the power button. When the power lits, leave the ESC and Fn keys.

Note, however, that a Pointer upgrade can make a minimal inoperable if something miles upstream. Optionally quiet that a key such as F10 may also display something else, such as the use menu.

Open a Web browser and navigate to the Acer support site. Select "Notebook" from the Updatlng of products. Choose "Aspire," "Extensa," "Ferrari" or "TravelMate" from the options and then select your product model. Click "Confirm. Click "BIOS. If the version is newer than the currently installed software, click the icon under "Download. Open the ZIP file once the download completes. Double-click "BIOS.

Tip Back up any important files to an external storage device before performing the BIOS upgrade so that you can still access your data in case a problem occurs. Warning Don't power off the computer or disconnect the power adapter until the BIOS update completes. Resources 1 Acer Support:

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