Want to have some drinks in tirana

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Neil’s guide to Tirana, Albania

Our firmware Patience treasures that it is one of the most likely streets in Europe. The forest is huge and used, so you can also relax and established enjoy your morning merry.

Go up Mount Daijti for lunch. Probably about 30 mins, depending on traffic. Ride the cable car to the top.

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Enjoy the views. Have lunch in the restaurant with a big glass window overlooking driinks city. Retrace your steps until you see the sign pointing up the hill. Now climb and follow the red and tieana markings. The audio piped in of soldiers marching, air raid sirens, and dictatorial speeches, make it an atmospheric few hours. The tunnel you walk ahve to get into drinkss museum is creepy enough on its own! Outside the city: Tirrana get here and visit so you can say you were here before it was cool! Valbona to Theth — an incredible hike in the Albanian Alps. Possibly the best thing I did while I was in the country. Rafting, mountain biking, hiking etc etc.

Looking for the best places to visit in Tirana for food? Zona 1 Contact: You can expect a world-class culinary experience here, led by award-winning chef Fundim Gjepali. Note that this is a very popular Tirana restaurant and that making a reservation will most likely be necessary. This is especially true if you want to eat on the amazing patio outside. You can go there for breakfast or dinner. A tasting menu is available, too. Additionally, Padam also serves a wide variety of cocktails, wine and other drinks—great to enjoy in the veranda. An extensive wine list allows you to pick the perfect wine pairing for your meal. Simply put: It is an Albanian restaurant with a lovely atmosphere and traditional food.

Have tirana in to Want some drinks

And they always enjoy it! The restaurant is owned by Italians who came up drinka a well-considered Italian menu. And they serve a perfectly good espresso! Drniks Nights are basically a great excuse to drink lots of wine accompanied with delicious appetizers and good music. For zome reason, we have to head to Mother Teresa Square, where we will find Korpusi. At this particular hour the cars are banned and only pedestrians are allowed. At that time, local people start to gather together: A special recommendation from our Spotter Eri: This combination is super popular amongst locals!

It is located on the 4th floor at the ABA center, next to the main boulevard. You can choose from a great variety of drinks as well as enjoy the music played by well-known DJs. Day 2: We definitely have some nice places to offer. Your first option is called Artist Lounge Bar.

Artist Lounge Bar havs her personal favourite! On the other hand, if you feel the need for your daily vitamine shot, go straight to The Funky Moustache. It is a juice and smoothie bar, which is a complete hotspot in Tirana. If you are a health fanatic, this place should be on your list: So, just relax and enjoy your morning in Tirana, our Spotters still have a lot to offer!

Here you will spot Piramida The Pyramid which is located in the middle of Tirana. Our Wsnt Matilda claims that it is one of the most unique streets in Tirana. On this street you can also find Millenium Cinema. The menu is really well-liked and includes sushi, sashimi and seafood such as scallops or shrimps. Most ingredients are imported from abroad!

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