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Cupif how do I really trust this is legit or not that you really took me off the site there are Cupld many people that are so mad cm frustrated with your site. There are so many scammers on your site it is not even funny. When you can add many hot women to your buddy's list. There is something RONG here. And one person on your site is a scammer they stole photos from a Porn Star site these are a Ghana Gang from Africa. If you were to take the time and look at a photo you will see I am right. The real persons name is Briana Lee who is a Porn Star. And at some point you will see that photo. There are many like it and on other sites. All I want you to do is unregistered me thanks.

Lonnie Elling CallsJun 04, Mr.

Thomas Howe CallsApr 10, Mr. Her Cupld is Tiva Mendez. I messaged her and we got on text. Very nice girl. Before long she was in Ghana. Things led to things and she had me sending money western union. For part of a cell phone and minutes for it. She got malaria. I sent money for hospital and Cupis. I came across what typical scam artists like her do. It fit her to a T. I am warning you if she is still on your site to watch our for her. She talks sweet and what you Cupir to hear. Her pictures were awesome. Just to get more out of you. I figure I lost at least She is beautiful, but dangerous. Then she wanted to use my bank account. How could it possible because i never done transaction and have never choosen Recurring option at the time of last transaction, but today at 18th March again INR got deducted.

My cupid ID is: This whole site is nothing but a scam. Note to you: If they only have 1 picture posted and they have a Masters or Bachelors degree, don't bother. If they contact you and don't have correct spelling, punctuation, grammar - yet have a Masters or Bachelors degree, don't bother. Pay attn to details in their profile description and see if the picture matches - many times that will send up the red flag. Now let's see how difficult it is to cancel. But in a age of I had pictures of women in their early twenties purporting to be 48 plus they lived in Ghana. I could not get hold of anyone. The form you fill in for cancellation and refund does not send. Finally had a call back.

No refund. Just offered two months free. July Cupif, I am appalled that anyone could use a dating site to blatantly steal money from innocent people. The scammers pose as interested men but the idiot conversations via WhatsApp soon makes you think that these are bogus people posing as engineers and doctors. When I tried calling their numbers they never answered but called me briefly. The conversations were very suspect and they were always in a hurry posing always as half Italian but with awful accents! As I am no fool I feel upset and violated that I shared personal stories with these idiots.

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The ckstomer should be informed and TV consumer programmes alerted. It seems that they are targeting older women who think may have money. What disgusting human beings. They have made me feel exposed and an old fool. June 24, I joined this service because I was playing around on the website and ckm that I had received messages and there were numerous interests in my profile. This did not unlock the account so I could explore the website. I tried calling their customer service and was put on hold forever and then told to press one for a callback. So I requested the callback and started researching the website which I should have done before giving my credit card number and found this Consumer Affairs site.

After reading how this is basically a rip off scam, I called my credit card company and asked how I can prevent this company from making additional charges to my card. What I had to do was cancel my card and have them send me a new one, which is way easier than having to deal with these thieves. Lesson learned, and I'm only out three dollars. May 26, I signed up for one month to try Cupid.

I do not remmember by opening name and other to give you ppl. Pool Mr. For part of a repair sender and minutes for it.

Easy enough. But a few hours later on the first servicce, I was online in the middle of messaging someone and was shut down and told I had been blocked! No reason given and their customer support is horrible. I get auto responses but no help AND I started getting emails from men who said they had met and seen me on dating sites. I had never heard of with UK.

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