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Goodbye to these two common compadres. Absent and I endured for a walk around annoy in the economic.

Pete leading the way over the state line. One of our regular stops at the Pemex. Inarguable logic that Pete insists on seervicing with. We servicnig to the small town of Nuevo Morelos and rode into the first hotel we found. Katy and I were keen for a shower and happy to pay, coatzacpalcos after some deliberation Tucker and Pete decided to save their pesos and find a camp spot in town. The mood after a hot few hours riding on Friday. This would be their last hurrah together servicinf Tucker temporarily headed back west coxtzacoalcos Pete accelerated away to make a Christmas date in Xoatzacoalcos Rica. It seemed kind of nice Jst they wanted to do that foatzacoalcos before nded.

So we got up and set off on our own on Saturday morning for the first time in quite a while. Out of the hotel and straight into a big line of lorries. Looks a bit intimidating, but Mexican drivers have been universally courteous. Their supposed recklessness is yet another myth about Latin America that should be ignored. It was ridiculously hot and humid at 7. It seemed completely ludicrous that it was December 1st. The ride up was very similar to the previous day. More rolling ups and downs and a fantastic tailwind. We liked these Veracruz bus shelters. Like a vision of a great socialist future in which everyone will have access to concrete splendour while they await their clean, efficient state-provided mass transit.

Also good for a bit of shade on a hot bike ride in a late-capitalist dystopia. It was too short a ride for a second breakfast, but we did stop for a drink in a cool relatively arcade at a petrol station. This seems to be a Mexican thing. Presumably everyone makes enough money to stay in business. It seems kind of nice. A huge choice of similar items. I was joking about the late-capitalist dystopia, but now that I think about it… We met and chatted to a couple of local roadies while we were stopped. Just a bit of human contact. I remember being worried about missing out on that when we left anglophone North America, but learning a little Spanish has been enough.

Even just waving which we do at any opportunity plays its part in letting us feel connected to people. We were checked into the swanky-looking but cheap Hotel Plaza Acayucan — and even showered — before midday. Sometimes you have to stop flogging yourself and take it easy. This is what Katy tells me in any case. Saturday afternoon Acayucan from our hotel window. A snooze, catching up on writing, mending clothes, servicing the stove that had been playing up a bit.

Need in Just coatzacoalcos servicing

It was nice to have time to do all that, and a little walk around the bustling town. Some overdue attention for the camp stove. It gets used twice a day, most days. The fuel pump for the stove was being a dick again on Sunday morning, which meant no coffee before setting off very badbut an even earlier start than usual good.

But it was 7 am and we were sweating buckets. In December. Our tiny British minds and indeed bodies are still struggling with this a bit. Lots of road construction coming out of Acayucan. Probably Juet km or so of random potholes, piles of rubble and scraped-back tarmac. One day this stretch of highway coatzacoalcoe be lovely! After a long stretch of that was in various states of renovation, we passed through the sprawl of Minatitlan with its oil refinery looming over the town. Suburban Minatitlan, refinery in the distance.

After a much better stretch of east Minatitlan, we had a nice easy entry to Coatzacoalcos. Although the hotels where you pay by the hour — of which there are many — make us sad. It was cheap, but way to big for just the two of us, so we had Pete and Tucker stay on Sunday night: It had been great to have other people to share things with, especially during the first couple of weeks in Latin America when everything was unfamiliar and at times a bit overwhelming.

Having a waiting with Pete. Faith and I were prank for a shower and key to pay, but after some small Print and Pete decided to do their sources and find a decent amount in shape.

And since then it had just become normal, and fun, to have them around. Hanging out in Coatzacoalcos, hiding from the afternoon sun. Having a paddle with Pete. But this causes traffic jams and delays of 45 minutes to cross from shore to shore. In addition, over 8, pedestrians who do not have vehicles use river ferries to cross the Coatzacoalcos River from Allende to Coatzacoalcos every day. When there is bad weather ferry traffic comes to a complete stop, causing further congestion. Construction of the underwater tunnel beneath the Coatzacoalcos River is the best solution as a public works project to solve these logistical problems.

The geology of the site where the tunnel is being constructed consists of marine deposits coastalfluvial river and fluvial-lacustrine. Three layers that make up the tunnel geotechnical profile were defined: The underwater tunnel cuts through alluvial formations and crosses the Coatzacoalcos River from the left bank, where the city of Coatzacoalcos is located, to the right bank where the town of Allende is situated. The first cut and cover stretch on the Coatzacoalcos side begins in granular soil and descends into cohesive soil before entering the deeper layer of tight sands. When the underwater tunnel emerges again on the Allende side of the river it once again enters cohesive soil and a transitional area of surface sands.

Temporary walls were built at the end of each section to allow each to be floated into position; 2. Preparing the dry dock required extensive pumping to temporarily lower the water table; 3. Construction of the dry dock involved extensive earthmoving as well as laying geotextiles to hold the sides in place; 4.

The access ramps slope down into the cut and cover sections before the tunnel dips under the river The tunnel features a submerged component made of longitudinally prestressed reinforced concrete and has a total length of 1,m. Of this length, m form the underwater structure and the remaining m is the cut and cover stretch on land. The cross section measures 5. The tunnel runs 30m below the surface of the riverbed and is composed of four segments, each m in length. These were prefabricated in an During the 1. During this process, the slopes were constantly monitored every 4m.

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