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US20090217149A1 - User Extensible Form-Based Data Association Apparatus - Google Patents

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The provision of rich, structured bibliographical metadata means that the user is provided with an accurate third-party identification of a document or author, which could be used to aid retrieval, but is also free to search on user-supplied terms so that documents of interest or rather, references to documents can be Submitchangee discoverable and aggregated with other similar descriptions either recorded in a particular user or by other users. However, the user's comments can only contain static and unstructured text. The currently known state of the art does not provide a method to attach structured data to a comment, or to attach dynamically updated data, or video files, all of which contain metadata that can support filtering and browsing of comments.

Kroski adds to, or expands upon, the terms of art referenced herein; and provides discussion of knowledge of those skilled in the art. Web bookmarks are saved to a delicious page. The perceived benefit is that users can then access the bookmarks from any internet-connected computer since they are no longer only stored locally. Descriptive keywords may be added to tag the bookmark, facilitating organization of data by category or tag. Users can browse or search other users' bookmarks by the tags. Flickr is known to those skilled in the art as a digital image storage and management website.

Flickr allows organization of photos into albums, updatlng them with descriptive keywords, and view photos from other users. Flickr allows navigation by tag or user as the previous two sites, as well as by group. Groups are places for users who share similar interests to post their images. A cognitive analysis of tagging is known in the art, at least as described in one or more publications by Rashmi Sinha.

BuildDateCode DateTime. The facing 5 is highlighted to illustrate it to be anywhere identified.

Embodiments of the present invention relate particularly to systems and methods for associating comments, data sets, tags, and files with referent content items, named entities, and digital data artifacts including an entire document or parts thereof e. Comments may include at least one or more of text, audio and visual information. The present invention provides a mechanism that that enables a group of users to derive improved utility by providing, by the group's users, of additional data and information about the referent. Usage of a form mechanism to structure the added data complements the use of free-form text, and makes the information provided more usable by the group.

Because the data itself it is meta-tagged it can be manipulated in useful ways, such as being combined with other data and placed in charts with rows and columns i. The selection and use of specific commenting forms also provides useful contextual and ontological characterization of a referent, beyond what is attainable by characterizing the referent with singular tags. The additional data and information may include one or more comments that associate dynamically updated content with the referent, thereby providing a reader with an updated version of related information. Embodiments of the present invention provide an efficient mechanism for filtering out irrelevant, outdated or unreliable comments, i.

In the drawings, similar symbols typically identify similar components, unless context dictates otherwise.

The illustrative embodiments described in the detailed description, drawings, and claims are not meant to be limiting. Other embodiments may be utilized, and other changes may be made, without departing from the spirit or scope of the subject matter presented here. It will be readily understood that the aspects of the present disclosure, as generally described herein, and illustrated in the Figures, can be arranged, substituted, combined, and designed in a wide variety of different configurations, all of which are explicitly contemplated and make part of this disclosure.

Embodiments of the present invention provide mechanisms that enable a user or group of users to accurately select, pinpoint and define the context of any kind of referent data object they are annotating, commenting, or otherwise associating data sets, tags, and files with referent content items e. Referring now to FIG. In this example the digital artifact 2 includes textual data 3 and a graphical image 4, but the digital artifact 2 is not limited to these types of data. Referent 5 is the selected part of the digital artifact 2 that a comment will refer to. The referent 5 is highlighted to enable it to be readily identified.

Information within form 15 serves in a broad sense as metadata of referent 5. Form 15 may include, for instance, one or more of the following fields: Tags 11 may be used to provide a short description e. ToString ; cboProductionSupervisor. ProductionSupervisor; cboLineNumber. LineNumber; cboQASupervisor. QASupervisor; cboFlavorName. Flavor; cboContainer. ContainerType; cboContainerSize. ProductSize; cboPackage. Package; txtQuantity. ToString ; mtbDateCode. DateCode; cboDefectiveComponent. NonConformingItem; cboDefectReason.

NonConformance; cboOccuredAt. FoundDuring; chkTestRequired. TestRequired; txaDescription. Comments; txaRootCauseAnalysis. Parse txtPONumber. Text ; thisHold. SelectedValue; thisHold. Text; thisHold. Parse txtQuantity.

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