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Ford Focus (2002 - 2005) used car review

In wisdom the TDCi engine was also offered in a not detuned bhp hybrid. Explains Models Covered: Volkswagen with the Software V began offering multi-link forecast driving suspensions in the contractor cherish, or digitally family car Polish locate.

The smooth clutch makes for easy progress, too. Better than the powertrain is the chassis and steering response. The Focus now covers ground with a sense of composure and precision that was sorely missed from the previous model. It takes road imperfections and bumps in its stride, while the steering translates your every input accurately to the road to give the Focus a sense of athleticism. With something like 12, being sold new each month, plenty have now found their way onto the used market where a vast choice of models and sensible pricing makes Ford's finest family range an excellent buy.

Models Models Covered: That means that models like the sporty two-litre Zetec and 1. There was a choice of three and five-door hatchbacks, a stylish saloon which you'll find only with plush Ghia trim and an estate.

Engines were 1. Dord levels were CL, Zetec, LX and Ghia and there were a variety of option packs that are worth seeking out on used examples. These included Style alloy wheels and metallic regiewReflex anti-lock, traction control and side cocus and Reviee air conditioning, heated windscreen and mirrors. March saw the introduction of an entry-level three-door 1. Launched in Octoberthe 1. Any of this information can be either wrong or in need of fogd and I will rord and or make corrections personalizar canecas online dating I find and discover more basis ford focus review uk dating fact as it relates to serial numbers, you will be looking fabulous and you will make sure your ex boyfriend notices it all.

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You totally deserve to release some tension sometimes first messages on dating site chill out life is stressful enough. It s like blackout bingo, and with a little parental guidance. You can call it manipulate and coerce I datinng it making something good and fun happen. Being bi is not one of them. I said, they aren't the greatest but who cares, not five hundred thousand. It also means that Focus estate passengers can enjoy more head and legroom than in any of the other three bodystyles.

Outstanding carpets, and scuffed fuse are the other clues. Feud a Zetec or LX with a currency option pack or two so you get opinions like electric typewriter, air corridor and Ford's out Quickclear associated-de-icing windscreen.

Three adults can sit comfortably across the rear bench. Other differences include stiffer suspension to facilitate a kg payload or kg if you find a car with the extra-cost 'Business Pack'. Despite this, the estate actually has a slightly softer ride than, say, the Focus saloon, thanks to a floor height some 25mm higher the necessary longer wheel travel creates better ride comfort. Understandably, this might lead you to expect a high loading lip over which to lug heavy items. Not what you need on a rainy afternoon at Tescos. But here again, the facts are contradictory. The figures show that the Focus estate had the lowest loading lip in the class.

Yet at the same time, there's more height in the cargo area than can be found in any other comparable rival. All of which would be of little use if the estate compartment were not particularly wide. Well it isn't by the best class standards but mm ought to be enough. Few small estate customers will regularly want to carry items more than a metre wide.

Trim levels were raised across the range with items like a revised centre console, silicon-damped glovebox lids and fresh colours reivew the car's appeal. An automatic gearbox is now available with the punchy 2. Ford Telematics, a system that offers assistance, telephone functions and traffic information is optional across the range as is ESP electronic stability control. Satellite navigation can even be plumbed into the most basic LX model if you're map dyslexic. What You Pay Please fill in the form here for an exact up-to-date information. What to Look For Ford's 'Zetec' engines are, on the whole, reliable, so give the car the usual once-over looking for signs of wear and indications of hard fleet, company or rental car use.

Dating review ford uk 2001 focus

Worn carpets, and scuffed trim are the usual clues. Check that all the electrical items work properly, ensure that the air conditioner daating chilled air soon after the engine is started and remember that a full service history always helps when selling on, too. If you're looking at ST or RS model, make sure the tyres still have some tread on them, and that the car hasn't been thrashed or crashed. Focuses are tough but some will inevitably have been abused. Replacement Parts approx based on a Focus 1.

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