What does fecundating mean

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Fecundating Winds

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Up to recent times, it was thought that the only relationship doess wind and rain was that winds dragged rain clouds. Then, there is nothing else to do but to accept the second possibility: Yes, it was something that could be seen by anyone who watched the movement of the clouds. Air bubbles called "aerosols" form on the surface of seas and other waters due to foaming.

Fecundating What mean does

Scientists state that winds have a fecundating property jean follows: There are male and female elements in the flowers of all plants; fruits occur when the male element fecundates the female. However, the relationship between wind and rain was not only this. Allah created the seeds of many plants so light as to fly in the presence of even a very light breeze. Yes, this book belongs to the same person who created winds and gave them the duty of fecundating. That is, plants reproduce thanks to the fecundating property of winds.

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This fecundation takes place thanks to winds. If the Quran is not accepted to be the word of Allah, neither this information given by the Quran nor any of the other scientific facts can be explained. Clouds form when winds fecundate the free water vapor in the air with the particles they carry. For, it is impossible for a human being to know and discover them on his own. Apart from fecundating plants, winds also fecundate rain clouds to make rain fall down. We believe in and accept it.

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