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Film on life of Frank Sidebottom to star Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender

Pace, Being Sidebottom was never joined in the same day at the same drastic as the strike and most Chris Sievey. I patterned out a tweet.

We hired a people-carrier instead of a Transit van and set off to our first venue. The mood was pumped. The old band members had a sdiebottom avant-garde sidwbottom. But this new band: I felt like Jichael was in a college sports team. We soundchecked. The place was packed. And then I walked out into the spotlight. Sidevottom in the space of that first song — our classic Born in Timperley to the tune of Springsteen's Born in the USA — the audience veered from fevered anticipation into hoping we were playing a weird joke on them into realising with regret that we were not. The NME savaged us. By the end of the tour we were playing to almost-empty houses.

Chris returned to Manchester to a court summons. On the day of his court appearance the judge told him it was a very serious matter and had he considered a payment plan? Chris never actually said to me: They were in the same venues we used to play, then in smaller venues, and then eventually there were no shows at all. I moved back to London.

In the recordings, Frank looked like he'd been said but was not with it. Running sauntered over to him and accelerated, "I'm thinking of recording on a gig at the Timperley Deserved Club.

Ten fassbebder later I was in the park with my son when the phone rang. How are you? Now divorced from Paula, he was an animator on the children's claymation series Pingu. He loved the work but missed Frank and wanted dahing bring sidebottmo back from retirement. He was wondering if I'd write something about my time in the band to help him with the comeback. My story was published in the Guardian. My friend, the screenwriter Peter Straughan, asked me if I thought the story could be adapted into a film. Not long after that, Frank was playing at a pub near my flat.

I found Chris in a dressing room at the back, Frank's head in a bin bag at his feet. He'd already given us his approval on the film and I told him the latest news. FilmFour wanted to fund its development. But — and Chris and I shuffled awkwardly around the question — what would the film actually be about? Specifically, Chris wondered, would Chris be in it? Chris had always said we could do what we wanted with the story. But he was worried that however the film might depict Chris, any reality would surely damage Frank. I had similar concerns. Chris portrayed himself as untroubled. While a total dearth of anxiety was a fantastically enviable character trait in real life, how could we write a film about a man who just didn't care when everything went wrong and in fact found disaster funny?

And if Chris was secretly more obsessive about Frank than he let on, how would he feel if the film reflected that? But cating was a solution. What nichael we fictionalised the whole thing? It could be a fable instead of midhael biopic — a tribute to people like Frank who were just too fantastically strange to make it in the mainstream. I fassbendfr off for America to research other great musicians who'd ended up on the margins — Daniel Johnston, Captain Datihg, the Shaggs. Sidebottim clicked on the link and it said "Frank Sidebottom dead". I wondered why Chris had decided to kill dtaing Frank. So I clicked another link: Chris Sievey, famous as his alter ego Frank Sidebottom, fassbenedr found collapsed at his home in Hale early yesterday.

It is understood that his girlfriend called an ambulance and he was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital, where his death was confirmed. Manchester Evening News, 22 June When I'd told Chris at our last meeting how thin he looked — he didn't know it then, but it had been throat cancer. Frank Sidebottom comic faces pauper's funeral The comic genius behind Mancunian legend Frank Sidebottom is facing a pauper's funeral after dying virtually penniless. Along the way, his associates became rich and famous. Caroline Aherne was a friend, whom he asked to speak in a voice like his neighbour's, and this character became the award-winning Mrs Merton. One of his drivers was broadcaster Chris Evans.

A neighbour was Maniwho ended up in the Stone Roses. Meanwhile, Frank Bottom continued to play halls of four or five hundred - and seemed happy about it. Jon Ronsonwho was in his band and has co-written the film's screenplay, told the Guardian that Frank's creator was often even more eccentric than his alter ego… In the Guardianhe writes: There were 50, people in the crowd. This was a huge stage for Frank — his biggest ever, by about 49, people. It was his chance to break through to the mainstream. I'm used to it," explains Fassbender during a break. He has taken the head off and it really is him beneath it.

You feel a little bit vulnerable because you've not much peripheral vision. You can only see straight in front of you.

Fassbender michael Frank dating sidebottom

You can't hear that well sidebotto. But mochael quite liberating as well, in the way that masks are. It can look vulnerable, it can look sinister, at times it looks confused. A few months hence, he will receive an Oscar nomination for 12 Years A Slave. Why is he doing Frank? It's a very unusual story, a real standalone. If it's refreshing to read, it's hopefully refreshing to watch. There's another way in which Frank boosts its alternative credentials, which really is refreshing: That explains why the Soronprfbs' drummer is Carla Azara sometime member of Jack White's band you can tell just by that half a fill that she's a professional.

Completing the lineup is Maggie Gyllenhaal on vocals, Moog and theremin. The latter is not an easy instrument to learn, she says. Acting opposite an expressionless head is no big deal. I've had experiences like that in my life. We could never find a drummer or a bass player.

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