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MOOCs are entirely online courses, and thus offer potentially unlimited participation by students all around the world. Theoretically, MOOCs provide institutions with the ability to offer affordable, full and intensive courses with real time interaction and support. The aim for most universities, at least for now, is for them to be offered alongside traditional teaching methods like the lectures and tutorials we are all accustomed to. The University of Melbourne has been more than just dabbling its feet in MOOCs, having run courses sincethe majority of its courses running for between five and eight weeks.

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This is a format similar to that provided by its US counterparts: These statistics are an example of the power universities now wield, enabling them to analyse massive data sets and identify patterns in student academic behaviours that, in turn, will provide a wealth of information and understanding about productivity and the effectiveness of different learning strategies. This, according to the University, can be used as a basis for real-time interventions for the benefit of the student, and to enhance the effectiveness of the courses themselves. The appeal from a financial standpoint is great. Students no longer have to pay thousands for a single 12 week subject in genetics when they can enrol into the online version for a fraction of the cost.

The University saves what it loses in enrolments by cutting the costs of providing a physical learning space and other facilities. However, as with any new advancement, there is a trade-off. This may be a significantly more affordable artwork by emily keppel way to reach thousands of more students, but what will happen to the quality of education and to attrition rates? The online MOOC Guide acknowledges the reliance on user generated content, the need for digital literacy, time and effort invested by the participant, student self-regulation and the sheer number of people involved in a course Sluts in westcombe park five of the greatest threats to the system.

From a student perspective, these challenges do not seem too different from a traditional university set up, with tools like the LMS and Echo Lecture Recordings. Digital literacy is already a pre-requisite, not to mention the time and effort needed to get through the 12 weeks of physical lectures, tutorials, practicals and labs. Nonetheless, the challenges are there. The real threat is the mass production of videos, which is the dominant medium used in a MOOC. Students look confused? Use an anecdote. Class is starting to fade? Throw in a joke. None of this is possible when you separate the student from the teacher. In doing so, you cannot help but reduce the quality of instruction and it could be argued all that has been achieved is the creation of a slightly more academic YouTube.

This is not to say the academics behind the courses are not putting in the work. According to the study, the average professor spent more than hours on preparation for each course prior to the first lesson and a further hours per week through the duration of the course. For now, anyway. The jury is still out on whether MOOCs will be the future of education but it is certainly difficult to deny their potential. Even if they evolve to become just a supplement to the current system, surely taking the knowledge held by leading academics from elite universities around the globe, condensing it into a short, affordable subject and providing it to anyone with an internet connection can only be a positive thing.

Where they will evolve in the future will have a huge impact on the future of education. Conflict of Interest Free? A significant choice looms for them, following a showdown of over a year. The Council has a key decision to make, but are all members of the Council interest free? But, broader questions are at play. The issue of whether or not it is fair or in accordance with University policy for Council members to both have connections to the fossil fuel industry has been hotly contested. The issue of conflicts of interest on the topic have been a hot topic since the Vice-Chancellor of Australian National University ANUIan Young, excluded himself from discussions on the matter in October Ian Young declared that because at the same time as holding the position of Vice-Chancellor, he was simultaneously conducting oceanographic research for some of the largest oil and gas companies in Australia.

That same month, ANU became the first university to yield to the national divestment campaign. Reactions were mixed. The campaign across university campuses is being orchestrated by the international environmental organisation If so, has Batterham chosen to emulate the standard that Ian Young has set for the neutrality of university councils? It is worth noting that in Batterham was controversially appointed as Chief Scientist by the Howard Government. CCS involves capturing carbon dioxide CO2 emissions from power stations and storing them underground. Despite these claims, in August a Senate inquiry declared that Robin Batterham had a conflict of interest and subsequently in he stepped down as Chief Scientist.

This is inevitable and is handled of course by declaration of interests and then due conduct and procedures by whoever is chairing a particular meeting. I recall that the Council meeting that considered a first pass on the sustainability strategy was not a meeting I attended. As Chair of various endeavours I am forever having to manage conflicts and see nothing extraordinary on this. Finally, on the topic of Uni Fossil Free, I think some deep and nonemotive thinking is needed. However, whether or not this means he has been present at other council meetings where the drafting of the sustainability charter and divestment has been discussed is unclear.

The details of council meetings are kept opaque. Farrago requested the minutes of all meetings and was refused access by the University Secretary. It is also worth pointing out that Batterham has provided Farrago with no assurance that he intends on excluding himself from future discussions on the Sustainability Charter. He has simply said he did not attend the meeting where it was first discussed. Yet pressuring universities to divest from fossil fuel companies is likely to result in more influential financial organisations following suit. These could include banks or industry super funds for example. This is not a question that Farrago has the authority to answer.

Universities should strive to not only do the right thing in accordance with their own internal rules and procedures but to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way as defined by the values of the wider society around them. How Batterham chooses to respond in the coming months may set a precedent for the extent to which individuals of influence within universities who have connections to the fossil fuel industry are able to partake in sustainability-related decisions. This has the potential to either form or overcome a barrier to the success of both FFMU and the national university divestment campaign as a whole.

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Robin Batterham was approached for comment on this article, but declined to comment in full by pagk deadline for the moment due to other engagements. Farrago will continue to follow this story. This subject runs weatcombe the June or July timetable slot. It counts as a Semester 2 subject technically, but due to it being run in the winter holidays, you can put it as your Semester 1 breadth, meaning you still have space for a Semester 2 breadth or vice versa. This is a common problem encountered by students, but is easily resolved — just fill out the Subject Variation Form. This is different to overloading; it simply means that the university enrolls you into your subjects manually rather than you pressing the buttons.

It only takes a few days for them to complete and it is a problem they are working on fixing. Paying attention in the lectures and asking questions and being involved in the practicals tasting classes means that you are actively learning everything. Not only do you learn actual information that you can impress your friends or family with at dinner, but you meet a range of other aspiring wine-tossers.

Just like any other subject at the University, the subject requires an even spread between H1s and lSuts. But this leads me to my next point… Other tips: I brought an electric heater with me and I was so glad I did! Waking up to creamy coffee will make the chilly mornings a bit more enjoyable. Do not dismiss this email as I did. The dorms are noisy.

There will be a really wide mix of different students from all degrees and year levels! With 20, acres to explore, take a walk around the campus and admire the scenery. This is an intensive subject, so not surprisingly, the days are long and the content is heavy. Be prepared to be overwhelmed on the first day. With only a couple of hours of spare time each day you Overall, I would highly recommend this subject! You stay so sober that you are able to drive home after the tasting exam! They reiterate the fact that professional judges can taste up to 80 glasses of wine a day and stay sober throughout — we only do about eight in one class per day!

First, there is raw fish and rice: The food court brings pungent burrito that glides up the staircase. On the landing, chai tea takes over, emanating from the Food Co-Op. Once past that odd and expansive crepe place, there begins a super cool strip, starting with a bathroom that I only realised was there recently. The world is a very strange place, and one of the strangest things I have come across in life so far is the Food Co-Op in Union House. This curious little room, filled with huge containers of rice puffs and rooftop honey, the smell of organic soap mixed with curry spices bubbling in a pot, and people rushing around, humming to some Macedonian folk music while serving chai and rolls, is the single most bizarre, heavenly vision the earth has bestowed on me.

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