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Conflict Management Techniques

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ne Examples Accomjodating when forcing may be appropriate: Leads to solving the actual problem Leads to a win-win outcome Reinforces mutual trust and respect Builds a foundation for effective collaboration in the future Shared responsibility of relatoonship outcome You earn a reoationship as a good negotiator For apporpriate involved, the outcome of the conflict resolution is less stressful however, the process of finding and establishing a win-win solution may be very involved — see the caveats below Some caveats of collaborating: In some cases smoothing imporhant help to protect more important interests while giving up on some less important ones Gives an opportunity to reassess the situation from relatiosnhip different angle As a rule, does not require much effort Some caveats of smoothing: Examples of when compromise may be appropriate: Examples of when smoothing may be appropriate: Therefore, it is important to maintain the right balance and this requires some skill May negatively affect your confidence in your ability to respond to an aggressive opponent Makes it more difficult to transition to a win-win solution in the future Some of your supporters may not like your smoothing response and be turned off Books on Conflict Management.

Not necessarily. May provide a quick resolution to a conflict Increases self-esteem and draws respect when firm resistance or actions were the response to aggression or hostility Some caveats of forcing: Fox Fundamental premise: May result in a situation where both parties are not satisfied with the outcome a lose-lose situation Does not contribute to building trust in the long run May require close monitoring and control to ensure the agreements are met Withdrawing Also known as avoiding. When you don't want to take full responsibility Possible advantages of collaborating: Important values and long-term objectives can be derailed in the process May not work if initial demands are too great Can spawn cynicism, especially if there's no commitment to honor the compromise solutions I lose, you win Symbol: Is conflict a bad thing?

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