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The first eight semifinalists were announced after the deliberation round, with the others to be revealed gradually as the semifinal rounds progress. The semifinal rounds were taped on December 6, 10, and 13, at the same studio Thailnd the judges' auditions. Just like in the previous season, only online voting methods are available, but the Facebook hashtag voting was dropped. The audience may vote through Facebook Messenger and Google search. A maximum of 10 votes per day, per user, per platform is implemented. A photo carousel will appear with the pictures of the week's semifinalists. Click the picture to assign 1 to 10 votes for the chosen act. Google Search The user must have a Google account first.

The phrase "Asia's Got Talent vote" must be typed on the search box. The photos of the week's acts will appear.

Click the photo to choose the dting. The slider on the right assigns 1 to 10 votes for that act. The revelation of results is slightly different, being revealed in the following week rather than the next night as semifinal rounds are only once weekly, barring replays.

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