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Dictionary of Cook Islands languages

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dictonaries Thomas W. Multiple speakers allow one to hear differences and variations in how a word is pronounced. This list of words below would largely be used in writing that was intentionally seeking a literary tone. Whatever the reason, the list below will offer literary equivalents for everyday words behold for see ; lightsome for nimble ; dulcify for sweetenterms relating to Greek mythology RhadamanthineStygianand words with unexpected meanings crapulentfor example.

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YourDictionary offers a list of helpful resources on the Austronesian and Australian Languages Pageor check out a few of the resources listed below. Words are posted as they are considered complete. Amazingly, it is absolutely FREE! You can change your cookie settings at any time.

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Glusuaqann tet iga'tas'gl ta'n telgaqalugwatas'gl. World Language. In addition wuth personal Tagalog to English translation, the company also offers commercial applications such as legal, medical, business, technical, and financial translations. The orthographies spelling system: This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website.

That is often very sound advice, and helps languaye communication simple and effective. Axis Translations offers to cover all language combinations in its services. Learning and teaching CHamoru and other regional languages are very much at the core of the mission of the University of Guam. In collaboration with Unama'ki, the site now includes a number of recordings from Unama'ki speakers.

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