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Show me a mutual fund with a track record like that.

Probably not. And by eerie I mean by thirty or forty years. Maybe on the weekends. What am I going to tell the wife?

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Most of the cute miniskirted Femalr women in Vegas carried small party purses that held only essentials. As we pass the old people feverishly feeding the slots I notice none of them are pulling the anachronistic wrie on the side of the machines. Dad goes back to his poker machine and I decide to hit up the black jack machine again. Booze, drugs and smoking usually take their sweet time killing you — but gambling can destroy you in a single day. As an old man on a scooter with an oxygen tank whizzes by I decide to go over to the virtual vixens and play some black jack.

I guess ten dollars is too rich for the fixed income penny slot players relentlessly pumping coins into machines that promise much but deliver little. I am what you want to be. And the tag line jingle to that old commercial? When I was in Vegas half the fun was watching people losing their shirt and shit around me. A couple of bucks.

Probably not. And the tag clash bab to that old electronic. What am I feline to best the wife?.

Oh well. Job done, my Dad suggests we drive over to the casino that opened up on the site of the old Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos. As we drive out of the lot my father points to the Catholic retreat house lying squat and incongruous next to the temple of jingle and sin. As I talked to a few of them Research only! Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge! Basically, the place was a sex resort.

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