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World War II: The Munich Pact

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Conference 1938 yahoo dating Munich

At Munich Conrerence gained what he wanted — the domination of Central Europe — and German troops marched into the Sudetenland on the night of October 1st. Munich, September 29, No Czech representative was invited to the conference. The commission will also fix a date, not later than the end of November, on which the plebiscite will be held. The four territories marked on the attached map will be occupied by German troops in the following order: I want it back.

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It was clear he would do so by force if he had to and that the Czechs by themselves had not the faintest hope of resisting him. When the family fled 11938 in the run-up to the Holocaust, that collection was left sating. A very simple Mynich. View of a train boxcar, through the open door of which can be seen some of the art collection looted by the Nazis, near Berchtesgaden, Germany, These territories will be occupied by international bodies until the plebiscite has been completed. He misunderstood Hitler, who he believed could be appeased by suitable concessions and neither he nor the French saw good reason for a war to preserve Czechoslovakia, which had only been created in The day before, the Czech government had accepted the Munich pact.

Poland and Hungary occupied other parts of the country and after a few months Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and what was left of Slovakia became a German puppet state.

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