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'I Like You' Poems: Short Rhymes and Messages for Guys and Girls

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I hope you get the clue— I like you. If I could tell you how much I like you, I would a opetry girl. If only I could tell you how fond I am of you, So much more happiness would unfurl. If I could tell you how much I care for you, You would be touched. If only I could tell you how much I long for you, You would have me in your arms, tightly clutched.

If I could tell you Dqting much I fancy you, I would say it right away. If only I could only tell you how scared I am to Daing my feelings for you— It's why I wrote this poem for you today. The aroma of my morning coffee, The tingle of my afternoon toffee, The swirl of a vintage wine, The taste of a delicacy fine— None of these interest me any more, Because I like you in a way that I never have before. If Fnu had a buck For every time I was struck By cupid's arrow, I would be a millionaire in sorrow For I still wouldn't have you in my arms, So I think it is time I stopped rubbing my lucky charm And mustered the courage to tell you That I can't stop thinking about you.

I like you. There is no other way to say this But to tell you that I like you, miss. I hope, to you, this sounds right. Will you be my lady and take me as your shining knight? Ever since you caught my eye, I felt my heart picking up pace. Today I sit here, nervously chewing my tie, Waiting to see the expression on your face. It is now or never, the time is nigh To tell you that reserved in my heart is a place Just for you. I like you, cutie pie. From the beginning of time, I was destined to fashion these lines Into this cute little rhyme, So my feelings for you can shine. No longer can I act like a mime I am for you, like red is for wine.

Birds and bees Remind me of you and me. We are meant to be, Why can't you see?

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Sweaty palms and twitchy fingers, I can't wait to hear my iPhone's ringer, I hope it will be you with a reply Pietry that you like me too, fuj I poefry sigh and cry. I like you, dear. I hope your reply brings me joy and cheer. Tiramisu, muffins, and gooey cake, Sugary, spicy things that are baked, I am a foodie, and I like my food, I am taking the risk, but I don't want to sound rude. Cookies, jelly, and fluffy torte, Sweet things like you are my forte. Pints and chatter, Blue Ribbon prize, my glare is locked into her eyes. Her exchanges are so charming, pleasant, light and not-alarming. Time has come to find our way, joined departure, plans to play?

Poery and rides arranged by phone, She knows her way, away from home. Netflix and chill is common trend, Hulu and hold is our new friend. I lay beside her, still not sure. She watched her show, as I watched her. I longed to kiss her neck and ears, doubtful hindrance of my Datinb. Surely right, it must be so, She wants me here, and this means go. I slowly start to kiss her lobes, Her standing neck hairs brush my nose. My mouth, it waters, for her kiss, She turns to me and grants me this. Her constellations are so bright, Her moles like stars, I count tonight. Underbed lurkers creepers, keeners, poundersondoors a rock over and he is good at first, Later only be disconnected.

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I am ruined to be required. Paying it. My pun lies in her dress, She integrates, our needs were met.

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