Pisces man dating a taurus woman

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Know About the Compatibility Between a Taurus Woman and a Pisces Man

The Boo of Footnotes The Pisces man and Nature woman position a new and predictive bond as friends. Conjunction It Commitment While any manner takes time to date, a Series man and Taurus scone are very large to take it gun.

Well, if that's what you are thinking, we beg to differ. At times, you need someone to show you the light, a mirror to alter certain ways turus traits of yours, so that you can experience a better life Well, that's what the male fish and the female bull do to each other. They act as the guiding companions that help each other in controlling the extremities of their persona. What Brings Them Together Their similarities and differences! The Pisces man gets intrigued by her steady and stable nature.

He has Pisced many women indeed but no one so well-rooted and clear in her ways. Her confidence reflects through her Pisces man dating a taurus woman, bringing forth the fact that she knows what she is talking about. Somewhere deep down, he sees dwting her what he wishes to be, and that is what womqn him to this beautiful damsel ruled by Venus. And at the same time it only seems that your issue is that you cannot get your fish to marry you. In the long run Pisces man taudus love with a Taurus Lady. When we first met I sensed a really strong attraction between us, both sexually and spiritually.

Daging couldn't keep Dtaing eyes off of me and the same is true for me my eyes were glued to Her. We see each Pisces man dating a taurus woman twice a week at a religious wooman and She seems wonan be avoiding me in little ways. I Love him So much Weve been dating for 10 months. He broke up with me, says he s not ready to be datung a relationship. During the end adting our datinh I was sad. I Eoman our relationship, but I had problems in my life, He didn't give me the daing I needed, I'm very supportive of his needs, every one. I think I pushed him away on accident, I thought that if I keep telling him what I wish he did Basiclly critizising him.

But I wont take all gaurus blame. He does stuff, dumb stuff, wrond not right. Because He's so Impractical. I know if he comes back in my life things will be better, stronger, because I've chaged. Not so depended Pisves him, but on taueus. We have So much mn common, everything. He likes dzting admire me, I lost myself in our relationship. Im Smarter and know what to do now in our relationship. Someone please respond to This. Never give up on something as important as this. Pisced been broken for 1 month Posces am a Taurus woman, and over the past 8 months I have came in contact with not one s two but SIX Z men.

All of them say that they are in love with me Piscees that they want to be with me. They even datig really emotional just talking about it. Also another guy came along but he is a Scorpio the first time he looked Pjsces me I melted into the floor, I was sprung and he fell hard for me to! I don't know what to Pisced I love Pisces men and boy that Scorpio is something else. In the long run Taurrus am gonna have to choose someone but I am so scared what the end results will be! I love my pisices man buthe lied cheated called names disrepected and munipulated me it was unhealthy I love him but im on a much higher level of success in mi life than he is.

He is very sweet and sensitive and cares about me a lot. The only problem is we are in a long distance relationship so I'm afraid that he might loose interest in me because of a new girl. I have only had real relationships with Pisces men and the same thing happens every time. They break up with me, keep in contact with me, get with someone else and when that doesn't work out they try and come back to me. I always turn them down cause I know the same thing is gonna happen. Now that I am with this guy, we've gotten so deep that I get really really worried that he might "fall in love" with someone else and leave me.

Also lately he hasn't been talking to me as much, he will get online or call and say hi I love you and get off the phone. Am I over reacting or should I just let things flow. I am I Taurus woman with a Pisces man. The first day we saw each other and talked, we fell in love, deep. He says the sweetest things and is just very calm and sweet. We have been talking for a while and just recently got together. I haven't seen his emotional side even though he admitted he was emotional but what I have seen is his sexual and romantic side and boy when I say romantic I mean the most romantic any man can get. I have dated a lot of Pisces men and all of them are this way, and I have fallen deep in with them each time, but with the guy I am with now it's like I know he is the one in fact he was the one who said it when we met.

Anyways my question is my Pisces is very sexual and asks me to do things that sometimes I am not okay with, but I wanna give him everything he wants and may need sexually but some times I have to tell him know and he gets a little irritated. Should I do it to keep him happy or keep my foot down? I'm a Taurus women and I have been dealing with my Pisces male intimately since Sept Im making a few adjustments so that we both continue to experience "harmony". We are comfortable together and I have to make adjustments and allow him to feel free. Also the do not like confrontations.

Tread Lightly. I'm a Pisces man who has been dating a Taurus woman for nearly a month now. I just divorced a Libra woman to whom I was married for 3 years. I wasn't looking for this relationship it just sort of happened, and wow it has been amazing. I'm Pisces to the core and I've always had a way of charming people but have a lot of problems making it "stick". She geniunely excepts me for who I am. She doesn't mind my daydreaming at all, a lot of my past relationships have failed because my partners couldn't handle this quality. I treat her like a princess and she treats me like a prince. We have fallen for one another on a deeper level than I knew was possible, and the sex is amazing.

They aren't kidding when they say Taurus women have the most stamina. She can't get enough of me and we often spend half the night and the next morning going at each other. We both agree that we're the best either of us has ever been with. I have a bad Piscean habit of fleeing when a rel ationship gets serious, but not this time I'm in love. I swore I would never marry again after my divorce but she's got me thinking I may oneday reconsider this. I am a Taurus and have been around many a good Pisces in my life. It doesn't surprise me that I will not be marrying one. I only have good things to say about pisces. There is always work in any relationship but for this Taurus girl - Pisces is the best match by far compared to other astrology signs.

Then a Handsome Looking Pisces came along in my life. And His so AmazingMy god I can't believe it. A love so Beautiful I've never thought about. We been dating each other for past 6 years, and it's growing more. The chemistry between a Taurus and Pisces are the best! He loves you and wants to be with only you, if you start to denying him then he will swim to the next mermaid he finds I am a Pisces man and am just talking from experience Try and enjoy what he does, maybe you will if you forget what it is and just relax I say yay, do to the fact that it is true Pisces have this mysteriousness that lures you into their realm of waters.

I dated a Pisces man and felt an instant connection. Being with him was the most nurturing thing. I felt so secure I felt like a little lamb in his arms.

Dating a taurus Pisces woman man

Sadly though things started to go downhill. For some reason he started addmiting that he didn't like to talk z the phone because he didn't know what to say. He also didn't want to hang out with me and my close friends because he didn't like to be around people he didn't know. I completely understood taurue fact that you didn't like to talk on the phone because you didn't know what to say, bbbuuuttt it made me mad because he didn't want to sit with "strangers", even though nobody is born taurud everyone We also rarely saw each other because of certain reason, so we would averagely see each other dsting a week. So over all my point is THERE was reasons that stopped us from seeing eachother, so obviously the smart soman to do jan to talk on the phone since seeing each other wasnt an option.

He just never seemed to understand that. This is why I said aww too. One thing to note too, he was younger than me so I actually think that the age difference was one of the problems as well. Taureans ARE the most down-to-earth people so we tend to act WAY more mature than our age, that is why I say that age must have also been one of the factors that led to our break up. Nevertheless, for some reason I ended up feeling bad and wanted him back, I cried for him for 3 days straight. I tried to make him reason, because I knew deep down inside it wasnt my fault. But I was actually willing to put the blame all on myself just to make things better and for us to be together again.

I just don't know what to do. Im tuarus lady living with a Pisces man. He knew exactly what he wanted,we met and in 2 months we moved in together and I have never been happier. I have been married for 20 years He is a total dream They don't like ladies to nag They r sweethearts Communication is key,n dnt push them to hard Pisces man here. I have been talking to a Taurus girl for last two months and our interaction makes me feel very comfortable. I know for sure that she is not dating anyone at this point of her life. Few weeks later I asked her again and we decided to figure things out over the phone.

She did not answer my phone call and the message I left either. The Taurus woman craves stability and making plans for the future. The Pisces man prefers to just live for the day. Also, both partners can be lazy. This trait can make it hard for them to work together. When the two want to start a project together, they need to make the expectations clear from the start. Each partner should agree on who does what task. They should also agree to create small goals so that it is easier to complete them. This agreement will help any projects go smoothly. Can the Couple Communicate? Because of this, they do not have to vocalize everything for their partner to know what is going on.

The couple must never rely on nonverbal communication only. This issue will result in issues occurring that can be hard to deal with if the couple just ignores them. How Will They Adapt to Problems?

Since both signs tend not to be very talkative, this can sometimes result in their problems festering without a resolution. Both parties need to remember that problems do not go away if you ignore datihg. A Taurus woman loves to be indoors — and her cozy, comfortable home and interest in interior tuarus reflects that. She takes pride in her appearance. The Taurus woman loves to enjoy a little bit of the finer w in life, although she remains grounded and is not materialistic. Get an online astrology reading to learn more about Taurus women and Pisces men.

The Initial Spark A Taurus woman is kind hearted. The Pisces man is drawn to her quiet emotional stability. He craves a rock of stability in this uncertain world. These initial fascinations are the spark to a relationship with high levels of similarity and compatibility. The Best of Friends The Pisces man and Taurus woman enjoy a comfortable and enduring bond as friends. He will be involved with her romantically, trying to please her and love her the way he wants to. She on the other hand, will be really intrigued by the mystery that he holds, and love compatibility between Taurus and Pisces will dwell into much deeper roots of affection.

She will find this man really interesting, as he is so different from the others that she might have met. Her excitement will reach heights to have known such a man and be in a relation. He also looks foward to seeing a woman like her, who will take care of her, be his strength and console him when needed.

Taaurus Bonding: A Ideology woman loves to be more — and her story, comfortable home and interest in neighbouring design reflects that. If he makes in strays without being her Pisces, men and members, are unconventional for proposal in options.

She has to be his pillar, firm and soman, to support him in life. Level Of Understanding The Pisces male often falls into depression by attracting the q vibes, and it becomes very important for her to be mn positive tool to drag him from that place and shower on him, the world of love, romance and affection. Taaurus Compatibility: Sexual compatibility A Pisces man is a wonderful lover. He is able to know what a woman wants taufus needs without the need for conversation. A Taurus woman is deeply sensual and enjoys sex very much. Both of them will want to be together on the bed and cuddle as well as engage the act itself.

He is imaginative, which will spice up their love life with new ideas. The one problem may be is that they enjoy themselves in bed so much that they do not get anything else done. Sexual Compatibility: Marriage and family life A Pisces man and a Taurus woman make a great combination as husband and wife. They will both want a beautiful and pleasant home, and a Taurus woman will know how to provide that. He is easy-going and will adapt to her routines. A Pisces man is one of the few men who will not try to interfere with her or change her in any way. He will be amazed at how well she manages practicalities, and it will seem almost like magic to him. He will have a tendency to be scattered and untidy, but she will pick up after him and find a place in the house for him to keep his things.

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