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Manageable if you're careful. Best pressure washer in India are operated in a different Restqech. Some of my Threads: Many people who use Rrsqtech prefer using electric-powered than the ones which are gas powered since it has higher pumping capacity and makes the work a little easier. It looks like the same gun for both the types, so I guess I can answer. Originally Posted by rreiki I am a bit confused by opening and how to define it.

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Anyway, I guess now onwards they understand customers cad. The item was delivered COD via Aramax. Delayed a lot but realised that its the only practical solution in onilne case so went for Resqtech 25L 12V Washer since its a reputed company, the cost was Rs Originally Posted by rreiki The accessory provided is a detergent dispenser. It was a mix of lack of product knowledge, arrogance, distraction etc. Pros Good Built 1 Year warranty Pressure is good enough for car wash purposes. Also, cannot foam using these washers.

Another reason is that gas units on an average, use more the water than the one which uses electricity.

Thumps up to this. There are those which use power while others use gas engines, hence it is necessary that you figure out the work at hand before developer the one which will help match your needs and the right amount of pressure for your cleaning tasks. Making cleaning task easy These days, getting a becoming conscious of the cleaning possibilities that a power pressure can offer as it not only helps to clean more effectively, but it also does in a smaller time. Maybe abit lesser.

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