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CYOA: Date Night - CHOOSE YOUR OWN STORY - Successful Dating Romance Adventure Book

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Here are some pictures of the different ones we had to do you may Datiing to click on the pictures to make them bigger: We received a lot of fun AND funny reactions from people in other cars. Some people in one car even started dancing along with us!! After our eventful car ride to the restaurant, we arrived, were seated, and we ordered our SUPER yummy food. Each person had to choose at least one task out of the envelope and complete it sometime during our meal. It was SUCH a hit that the group decided to try two tasks each. Here are a few of them: Mention MC Hammer in three sentences throughout the dinner.

Tell about your first date with your spouse.

Cyoa Dating

Make Star Trek noises whenever someone passes the table. I have to tell you a little bit about ONE of my tasks! The task was: Go over to another table, ask them how their food is and if they are enjoying their dinner. I chose a table consisting of two parents and a child. My group was all done, and I was hoping that I could quickly complete my task and then we could all walk…er… sneak out. I walked up to their table and asked how their meal was. I then asked if they needed anything before they left.

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Coa replied that they were just fine, but thanks. I was soooo relieved! I turned around to see our group trying to stiffle laughter and we all quickly walked out. The pill… The family came over and we chatted with them for a minute — I told them that they were part of a game we were playing and I thanked them for being such good sports. Top 5 Storygames in Need These will be ranked with just a few more ratings It seems like you've rated every story that doesn't have a ranking. Thank you!

News and Updates The new Price of Freedom now released! Innocence Lost has been in the site's top five list of games since its original release in the Spring Thing. This game is an update of the original version of The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost, published in The update contains three more stats, a choice of names for your character, the option to play as either male or female, two extra chapters, far more background and character development, and is over twice as long as the original, with a total of overwords. As most of you know, it was originally intended for release on Choice of Games, but, without getting into the detailsthey did her dirty and now their loss is our gain!

Although if you'd like to be an amazing and wonderful person and support the ongoing work on the sequels, you may find her Patreon here and tip her a buck or two. Read the story here! Ratings and feedback as always are adored.

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