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Craigslist Scams

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Wscort Sraders Sep 13, But long-time staple of the collective virtual garage sale and ad space -- Craigslist -- perhaps stands alone as a different kind of animal. The online advertisement site, for everything from selling apartments to resumes, has gained popularity among locals looking for a variety of services or products.

But with every new internet invention to make lives easier comes the inevitable opportunity to make them millions of times worse -- hence, the Craigslist scam. And for those seeking to take advantage of the public platform, there are a lot of ways to get creative. But, what are some of the most common Craigslist scams, and how can you avoid them? What is a Craigslist Scam? Given the nature of the site, Craigslist scams can sometimes be hard to spot.

Escort scam Craigslist

And while Craigslist scams may not always look obvious, there are a few key scams that have been used frequently -- and can often be spotted by being extra cautious or by examining the situation. Fake or Cancelled Tickets Ticket scams are among the more common scams on Craigslist -- and elsewhere. While scalpers in general can cost you quite a bit of extra cash by buying tickets cheap and selling them at a steep markup, you could lose completely if you're scammed into buying fake or cancelled tickets. Some scammers have been able to make fake tickets that look real to a lot of big events like concerts or sports games.

According to WiseBread. Scammers on Craigslist will wcam list tickets that are either fake or already cancelled -- making you scaj through scm nose for a disappointment. Non-Local Ads In general, whenever an ad is not local meaning the person posting the ad isn't in your areait's generally not a good idea to pursue it. Because posters of non-local ads generally won't be able to meet up with you and will often require transferring money through some online platform which scammers can use to their advantage. Some ads may be from on-duty soldiers in Iraq or other distant places that necessitate online transactions that could be fraught with scams.

And Craigslist also claims that the service is meant for local transactions in most cases -- so beware of the non-local advertisement.

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