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It means the tube was tested. Amperex is still using the old Datingg logo in In transitional years they may have used up the old boxes while simultaneously using boxes with the new globe logo. BugleBoy logo. Note that in the globe logo is used on the box. D is Valvo Hamburg. Date in white writing is No date written in white letters.

Evidently this tube sat for 4 years before being boxed. Orange globe logo on tube. Note that this box has North American Philips written on it. YY5 P8G1. P is Papesa,Buenos Aires. Papesa appears to be a misprint in the Philips data. Fapesa is a large electronics industrial complex in Argentina. Philips Miniwatt has been was? This list is presented as found on original Philips documentation. Brent Jessee Recording makes no claims as to accuracy, and presents this information for your use "as is" and "as found". The digits are often found near the bottom of the glass on the side of the tube.

They consist of two or three lines of numbers, letters, and sometimes symbols.

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They will nearly all use the following convention, from left to right, top aDting bottom of the code group: This may be one, two, or three alphanumerics or symbols. These codes will be listed tuubes in this webpage. Pretty straightforward, huh? Take notes, it gets stranger tbues this point on Well you might ask. This code appears to be for internal factory use, perhaps to trace various batches of tubes. Like the month code we will see later, we get a wacky sequence of symbols that recycled every three years. They allowed for 15 different batches, and in the yearsa batch number This cryptic code was used until This can be seen on the following table: Actually, coupled with the unique month codes, you could use the change code to zero in on the year and month of manufacture.

Amperex tubes Dating

Prior toanyway. For example, a month code of A and a change code of A would be unique to Jan. Afterthe code just became xmperex following numbers and letters that would repeat as required: This new code allowed for 35 tube batches after which, it must have repeated from the start again. The year and month started to be used at this point afterso the change code is not really necessary in newer tubes to pinpoint a manufacture date. The purpose of these codes, indeed all of the change code, is unclear from original Dutch Philips documentation.

The theory that they pertain to individual batches of tubes Datimg "production runs" seems to be the most plausible, and is the purpose I have accepted as to their meaning. The factory or country of origin. One symbol only. List is found tubws on this webpage. The last digit of the year of manufacture. This is only present in the code used after The month of manufacture. This gets a little screwy, as before there was a sequence of 36 symbols used which repeated every three years according to the following table: In amoerex code used aftereach month is represented by a single letter in the sequence shown on the next chart. Remember, the last digit of the year began to be used with this code, and this will help identify post tubes.

This is the actual week of manufacture within the listed month. Some documents and other sources I have researched indicate this week code was only added from onwards. It also does not mean that all tubes made since have the week code. Use the charts below to see if the week codes even apply to your tube This can get pretty screwy, too. For the most part, on tubes commonly found in circulation today, the code is located on the side of the glass in dark grey paint, down low just above the bottom. It follows this convention before Afterthe code changed to the following several formats, with the manufacture year Y kicking in to the mix: TTC Another variation with the addition of the week of manufacture: TTC Another variation with a triple tube type number and the week: TTTC And to completely confuse you, yet another triple type number variation without the week: For the most part, tubes made after are what is commonly found on the vintage market today.

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