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You have to get the video signal from uo source component to your TV, video display, or projector, and the audio signal to your loudspeakers.

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In addition, you will need at least five speakers and a subwoofer. Below homs examples of how to connect them together. However, keep in mind that there are several variations which would be dictated by the capabilities and connections available on the specific components being used. Pioneer Electronics This is the centerpiece of a home theater.

The receiver provides most of the source connectivity and switching, as well as all of the audio decoding, processing, and amplification to power your speakers. The rest of your audio and video components are usually connected to the home theater receiver. This allows you to view the video image from all the video source devices connected your home theater receiver on your TV screen. The AV receiver needs to be on and the correct source input selected, with your TV switched to the video input not channel 3 or another channel in order to view the video feed from your home theater receiver on your TV screen.

Either method will allow you to watch any sources connected directly to the TV and hear stereo or surround sound audio from programs that have it, through your home theater system.

Theater Diagram home up hook

If you have a Smart TVmake sure it is also connected to the internet. While at first mesmerized by the electronics utopia, the narrator explains the laundry list of gadgets he will need to get his home theater working. Goofy then shops for TVs, stopping in front of a large one taller than he is. As the narrator explains the virtue of choosing a "conservatively-sized model", Goofy turns and sees an even larger TV, which he selects. Next is delivery day. Goofy gets his living room cleared out and waits for the delivery truck.

Book arrives a day late. The truck picks Goofy's house up and deposits a gigantic stack of boxes inside. Goofy gets the TV unpacked, and Diaagram the cables. After considerable difficulty, a drop of Dkagram makes the cable package burst. He uses a chainsaw to open a hole in the house to reach the back of the TV and connect the cables. Next the narrator explains the positioning of the sound system's speakers. After he's done, Goofy starts randomly attaching speakers to any free space he can find. By the time he's done, the game's about to start. He reaches for a remote, only to find a littany of remotes for all his different devices.

The narrator reminds him of the "universal remote", which looks like a missile launcher.

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