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Convention on Biological Diversity

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Biologics definicion dating Diversidad yahoo

The other category of agricultural diversity is called interspecific diversity and refers to the number and types of different species. Monoculture was a contributing factor to several agricultural disasters, including the European wine industry collapse in the late 19th century and the US southern corn leaf blight epidemic of Many cultures view themselves as an integral part of the natural world which requires them to respect other living organisms. Criticism[ edit ] There have been criticisms against CBD that the Convention has been weakened in implementation due to the resistance of Western countries to the implementation of the pro-South provisions of the Convention.

These include building materials, fibers, dyes, rubber and oil.

Although some polyculture farmers use the same techniques, they also employ integrated pest management strategies as well as strategies that sefinicion more labor-intensive, but generally less dependent on capital, biotechnology and energy. Partly, the problem lies in the success of water suppliers to increase supplies and failure of groups promoting preservation of water resources. Scientists working with biodiversity and medical research are expressing fears that the Nagoya Protocol is counterproductive, and will hamper disease prevention and conservation efforts [36]and that the threat of imprisonment of scientists will have a chilling effect on research. Philosophically it could be argued that biodiversity has intrinsic aesthetic and spiritual value to mankind in and of itself.

Interspecific crop diversity is, in part, responsible for offering variety in what we eat. Popular activities such as gardeningfishkeeping and specimen collecting strongly depend on biodiversity.

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Intraspecific diversity, the variety of alleles within a single species, also offers us choice in our diets. This is because the species most likely to disappear are those that buffer against infectious disease transmission, while surviving species tend to be the ones that increase disease transmission, such as that of West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and Hantavirus, according to a study done co-authored by Felicia Keesing, an ecologist at Bard College and Drew Harvell, associate director for Environment of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future ACSF at Cornell University.

It was the result of planting only two potato varieties, both vulnerable to the blight, Phytophthora infestanswhich arrived in [] When rice grassy stunt virus struck rice fields from Indonesia to India in the s, 6, varieties were tested for resistance. Biodiversity is also important to the security of resources such as water, timber, paper, fiber and food.

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