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He was subsequently excommunicated in the papal bull Exsurge Domine inand his followers were condemned in the Diet of Wormswhich divided Western Christianity. Inthe Peace of Augsburg tolerated the "Evangelical" faith now called Lutheranism as an acceptable alternative to Catholicism, but also decreed that the faith of the prince was to be the faith of his subjects, a principle called cuius regio, eius religio. The agreement at Augsburg failed to address other religious creed: However, in practice Calvinists were given protection under the Augsburg Confession Variata modified upon request by Philip Melanchthon.

Having no male heirs, he had convinced the Electors to retain Habsburg hegemony in the office of the emperor by agreeing to the Pragmatic Sanction of Fromthe dualism between the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Prussia dominated the German history. Inthen again in andthe two dominant German states of Prussia and Austria, along with the Russian Empireagreed to the Partitions of Poland ; dividing among themselves the lands of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. As a result of the partitions, millions of Polish speaking inhabitants fell under the rule of the two German monarchies.

However, the annexed territories though incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Realm, were not legally considered as a part wikipefia the Holy Roman Empire. In the Imperium was dissolved; many German states, particularly the Rhineland statesfell under the influence of France. Following the fall of Napoleonthe Congress of Vienna convened in founded the German Confederation Deutscher Bunda loose league of 39 sovereign states. The appointment of the Emperor of Austria as the permanent president of the Confederation reflected the Congress's failure to accept Prussia's rising influence among the German states, and acerbated the long-standing competition between the Hohenzollern and Habsburg interests.

Disagreement within restoration politics partly led to the rise of liberal movements, followed by new measures of repression by Austrian statesman Metternich. The Zollvereina tariff union, furthered economic unity in the German states.

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The Hambach Festival in May was a main event in support of German unityfreedom and Founcerdating. In the light of a series of revolutionary movements in Europewhich established a republic in Franceintellectuals and commoners started the Revolutions of in the German states. Events[ edit ] The first real-life meetup of Wikipedians took place in October in Munich. The round tables have become an important aspect of collegial exchange within the German-speaking community. Prizes are sponsored by individual community members and companies.

Deutsch Founderdating wikipedia

The first contest was held in October - wikjpedia article Kloster Lehnin Ddutsch Abbey was selected as the winner from 44 nominated articles. The second contest, held in Marchsaw 52 contributions, and the third, in September A trial to extend the contest to an international level met with wiikpedia success, with only the Dutch, English and Japanese Wikipedias participating. The article on the Brown Bear German: Haager Konvention zum Schutz von Kulturgut bei bewaffneten Konflikten. German Wikipedians organized the first international Wikipedia conference, WikimaniaFounderdaging August in Frankfurt. Some people from over 50 countries attended the three-day conference.

The Academy was intended to familiarize the qikipedia world with Wikimedia projects. Inthe second such meeting took place, organized in conjunction with the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Academy of Science and Literature in Mainz as part of the German Jahr der Geisteswissenschaften Year of the Humanitieswhich was decreed by deutach German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Contacts with Brockhaus[ edit ] In Aprila complete list of article titles from the leading German encyclopedia Brockhaus was uploaded to the German Wikipedia, in an apparent attempt to facilitate the creation of still Founderdating wikipedia deutsch articles.

A representative of Brockhaus asked for and obtained the deletion of what was believed to be a copyright infringement. As a result of the developing email conversation, a group of five Wikipedians visited the "new media" group of Brockhaus in Mannheim on 1 July Article-free Sunday[ edit ] On 23 Novemberthe number of articles at German Wikipedia reachedAs a response to this and to the perception that quality control was not keeping up with article creation, it was proposed to declare 10 December " Article-free Sunday ", a day where participants voluntarily agree to post no new articles, but instead focus on improving existing ones.

It was also proposed to declare 10 December " Counter-action to Article-free Sunday ", a day where participants create missing articles and improve existing ones. Subsidies from the German government[ edit ] In Junea project on renewable resources WikiProjekt Nachwachsende Rohstoffe was initiated, [33] [34] the goal being to write and improve articles on the topic. It was organised and managed by the private company "nova-Institut GmbH". Nova GmbH and Wikimedia Deutschland e. Nova may also have paid expense allowances to authors. The top ten most disputed articles then also included Adolf HitlerScientologyand Rudolf Steiner.

The German Wikipedia had a rather lengthy aboutcharacters discussion about the suitable title and categories, as often Austrian authors denied the description of Donauturm as a "TV tower". On a scale from 0 to 5, Wikipedia ranked first with a score of 3. Brockhaus in July In Februarythe open usability project led a second test which focused on the experience of new editors. A second test by c't in February used search terms, of which 56 were closely evaluated, to compare four digital encyclopedias: With respect to concerns about the reliability of Wikipediait concluded: The test was commissioned to a research institute Cologne-based WIND GmbHwhose analysts assessed 50 articles from each encyclopedia covering politics, business, sports, science, culture, entertainment, geography, medicine, history and religion on four criteria accuracy, completeness, timeliness and clarityand judged Wikipedia articles to be more accurate on average 1.

Wikipedia's coverage was also found to be more complete and up to date, however Brockhaus was judged to be more clearly written, while several Wikipedia articles were criticized as being too complicated for non-experts, and many as too lengthy. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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