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If you do not see your extra small dog on the web cams, we do not have a camera in our extra small dog yard, due to the canopy obstruction.

Totally dog centred and a great facility designed for dog use, right down to the floor! They cannot be in a suite if they are destructive. They are so good to our dog, she loves going there and is so tired when she gets home!! Thank you guys so much, we love watching how excited Abby is to go there and how tuckered out she is when she comes home!

Webcam K9

Can I view the cameras on my mobile phone or ipad? Dogs are then brought inside to indoor playrooms. Dogs who cannot play in the group are taken outside every hour for individual exercise. All of our mop heads are laundered daily.

Short haired dogs are massaged with a rubber curry. The soiled area is dried with aebcam paper towel. In addition, we do not stop day care for nap time, so some dogs will rest themselves. If it still does not load, and you are sure it is not your computer, please call K9HQ and we would be happy to reset the cameras.

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K9HQ has always treated our dog as a family member, giving him all the attention and care he needs and deserves, eebcam when he had special needs that required something different than their usual routine. I feel that Chili is a happier dog since coming to K9HQ! Noon lunches and treats for those who have requested it. When they are inside they are allowed to roam and nap on beds in the extra small playroom. During summer hot months dogs are out for minutes depending on the temperature. She had a great time and is excited for next time.

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