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Cotton Corporation India Limited, Telangana – Tender For Appointment Of Internal Auditors

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Tourism corporation Telangana tenders dating development

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House of Hasty. When Eddie realized that these sating of person i have listed creative and sexy. I dvelopment latin origins and I got the chance to post this. Rumors are False. Tebders affidavit on stamped paper of all cirporation partners admitting execution of partnership agreement or the general power of attorney should be furnished. In the case of partnership firm, where no authority to refer disputes concerning the business or the datint has been conferred on any partner, the tender and all other related documents must be signed by every partner of the firm. A person signing the tender form or any documents forming part of the contract on behalf of another shall be deemed to constructed that he has authority to sign and if on enquiry it appears that the person so signing has no authority to do so, the purchaser, without prejudice to other civil and criminal remedies, will cancel the contract and hold the signatory responsible for all cost and damages.

If any information or document not submitted, the corresponding space against the same should be defaced by some such words as or not submitted or not mentioned' 8 All the supportive documents in technical Bid should be submitted duly signed and stamped by the tenderer with date. The tender is liable to be ignored, if incomplete information is given or any document asked for in the tender are not duly filled or not furnished. Each such additional page must be numbered consecutively, bear the tender No. Earnest Money Deposit: In the event of acceptance of the tender the EMD will be refunded. Without interest after receipt of requisite amount of Security Deposit.

In case of unsuccessful tenderer sthe EMD will however be returned without interest after completion of tender procedure. Security Deposit SD: If separate tenderers will be selected for Generic, surgical consumables and disposables and Branded Medicines including imported drugs then the tenderers have to deposit the SD as per following detail. No Item Qualified for supply Amount of S. On due satisfactory completion of all the contractual obligations, the Security Deposit will be returned to the contractor as per Rule and without any interest. List of Items: All medicines are to be supplied to this institution in generic forms, unless specified for branded.

The medicines are 1. Generic Medicines: Later on if it is found that generic version was available in the market during the corresponding time period, the tenderer has to pay the extra amount involved and any other suitable action as deemed fit will be taken by the competent authority.

A single discount need to be quoted for 1. Generic medicines 2. Branded medicines including imported and cancer drugs. Corpoartion and surgical consumables etc. All tenderers or their authorized representative s authorization letter should be brought from corresponding tendererif they desire, may be present at corporaation opening of the Tender at the specified time. The Medical Superintendent reserves the right to give preference to Day and Night shops for selection. Acceptance of the tender Telagana the Technically qualified tenderer will normally be on the basis of maximum discount offered by the tenderer on MRP i.

The supplier will be paid on MRP less Discount, inclusive of all taxes. Tampering on the printed MRP of the manufacturer by use of stickers or any other means will not be accepted. Price Bid: In Price Bid Separate discount should be quoted for each group of items i. One or more parties may be selected on the basis of discount quoted. Price Bid is to be submitted as per Annexure II. Only a single discount is required to be quoted for each group of item i. No sub-heading of the items is allowed. However tenderers can quote for surgical consumables and disposables alone also. Any deviation to this will render the tender liable for rejection. The Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, KK Ngar, Chennai - 78 reserves the right to enter in to contract simultaneously or at any time during the period of this contract with one or more chemist for one or same medicine or for different medicines.

The hospital authority shall have every right to take any decision after assigning reason in public interest as deemed fit, as regard this contract including certain changes or relaxation in Terms and Conditions. The successful tenderer s have to sign Agreement with the Medical Superintendent of this hospital with in 7 calender days of this letter and the instructions contained in the letter should be acted upon immediately by the tenderer s.

The selected tenderer s have to submit a photocopy of the valid VAT Clearance Certificate duly self attested with in 15 calender days of the letter of offer. Contract agreement: This agreement will conclude the contract and be enforceable in law. The Chemist s have to authorize the persons to be ocrporation on their behalf. In that case Telangzna supplier s Telzngana the responsibility to collect the hard copy of the supply Order or Indent from the Hospital at the time of execution of the supply. Delivery of supplies: After obtaining the order, the supply is to be made to the Medical Store with in the working hour in same day or by PM on the next day, from Monday to Friday and by Noon.

In case the order is placed on Saturday the supply debelopment to be made on the next working day by Noon. Supply against the supplementary indent s is to be made to the respective ward dvelopment casualty, as mentioned in the requisition. The emergency life saving drugs are to be maintained in the stock. If the corporxtion are not made within the stipulated period; the Supply Order will automatically be cancelled and purchase will be made from the alternative sources with imposition of Risk Purchase. All supplies as per supply orders are to be made as stipulated above and supplies as per supply Order from Main Store should be delivered within the stipulated period.

Late Delivery Charges: In case the sum of the above is insufficient to cover the full amount recoverable, the contractor shall pay to the purchaser on demand the remaining balance due. For emergency life-saving drugs purchases from Indoor and Casualty, delivery is to be made instantly and as per the actual need of the situation. Hence for non execution of supplies against such orders, Risk Purchase may be charged on the same day. Responsibility of the contractor: Once, order for supply is placed on the contract, it would be the responsibility of tenderer s to procure the medicine and supply.

In case of failure, risk purchase will be made and losses and damages will be recovered from the contractor. As it is concerned with supply of life saving drugs, the failure of the contractor to supply or to collect order from the Hospital, the contract will liable to be canceled along with the forfeiture of the Security Deposit. The Supplier will maintain sufficient stock of the standard quality of medicines at all times to avoid inconvenience to the ESI beneficiaries. In case, it is found that any particular medicine has expired, or is substandard or spurious, the supplier will be liable to be black listed for a period of 5 years for future participation in any ESI Tender.

Besides this any other legal action as deemed fit will be taken. The Supplier will also maintain sufficient stock of generic drugs of the reputed manufacturers as submitted along with the Tender In Proforma All kinds of drugs, dressings etc. The contractor s will be solely responsible for the execution of the contract in all respect in accordance with the terms and conditions. The tenderer will not be allowed to subcontract. Any tampering with the printed MRP of the manufacturer by use of stickers or by anyother means will not be accepted and if it is done supplier is liable for appropriate legal action.

Quality clause:

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